Battle of Ayacucho

Battle of Ayacucho

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Ayacucho

caption=The " Battle of Ayacucho."
partof=Peruvian War of Independence
date=9 December 1824
place=Pampa de la Quinua
result=Independentist Victory, Capitulation of the Royalist Army
combatant1=Independentist army
combatant2=Royalist Army
commander1=Antonio José de Sucre
commander2=Viceroy José de la Serna
José de Canterac
strength2=4,975 Hispanic-American [3.000 Hispanic-American deserters in the Royalist army before the battle]
500 Spaniards
strength1=5,280 [The Sucre's army start the campaign of Ayacucho with 13.000 independentist soldiers claim Viceroy la Serna]
casualties2=2,100 killed or captured 3,500 prisoners

The Battle of Ayacucho was a decisive military encounter during the Peruvian War of Independence. It was the battle that sealed the independence of Peru, as well as the victory that ensured independence for the rest of South America.

As of late 1824, Royalists still had control of most of the south of Peru as well as of the Real Felipe fort in the port of Callao. On December 9 1824, the Battle of Ayacucho, or Battle of La Quinua, took place at Pampa de La Quinua, a few kilometers away from Ayacucho, near the town of Quinua between Royalist and Independentist forces. Independentist forces were led by Antonio José de Sucre, Simón Bolívar's lieutenant. After the battle, Viceroy José de la Serna signed the final capitulation of the Royalist army. The modern Peruvian Army celebrates the anniversary of this battle.



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