Java (disambiguation)

Java most commonly refers to:
* Java, an island in Indonesia and the most populous island in the world
* Java (Sun), a technology developed by Sun Microsystems for machine-independent software
* JAVA, Sun Microsystems' stock symbol

Java may also refer to:


*Java Pipistrelle, "Pipistrellus javanicus", a species of pipistrelle bat
*Java shark, "Carcharhinus amboinensis", also known as the pigeye shark
*Java Sparrow, "Padda oryzivora", a popular cage-bird
*Java (chicken), a rare breed that is one of the oldest American chickens

Computer science

*Java (software platform), a technology developed by Sun Microsystems for machine-independent software
**Java (programming language), an object-oriented high-level programming language
**Java Runtime Environment (JRE), a software bundle from Sun Microsystems that allows a computer to run a Java application.
**Java Development Kit (JDK), a software bundle from Sun Microsystems aimed at Java developers.
**Java Virtual Machine (JVM), part of the JRE
**Java Platform, the Java virtual machine plus API specifications
***Java Platform, Standard Edition, targets desktop environment
***Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, targets server environment
***Java Platform, Micro Edition, targets embedded consumer products
** Java applet, allows software to run in web browers, and is accessible on most PCs
** Java mascot, the mascot of the Java programming language, named Duke.
* JavaScript, a web scripting language that is different from the Java programming language


*Java (cigarettes), a brand of Russian cigarettes
*Java coffee, a variety of coffee grown on the island of Java, or American slang for 'coffee'
*Java, a brand of cachaça, a type of alcohol


*Java (band), a French band
*Java (dance), a Parisian Bal-musette dance
*Java ("Martin Mystère"), a Neanderthal who assists the title character in the "Martin Mystère" comic series
*Java Joel, midwestern U.S. DJ
*Java Barn, live music venue at St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York
*"Java", a song by Allen Toussaint which became a hit single by Al Hirt
*"Java", a song by Augustus Pablo
*"Java Jive", a 1940 song hit by The Ink Spots, referring to "java" as coffee
*Java, a villain appearing in the DC Comics series "Metamorpho"


*Java, an island in Indonesia and the most populous island in the world
**Javanese people, the largest ethnic group in Indonesia
**Javanese language, a language widely spoken on the island of Java
**West Java, an Indonesian province
**Central Java, an Indonesian province
**East Java, an Indonesian province
**Battle of Java (1942), land battle
**Battle of the Java Sea, preceding naval battle
**Java Sea, north of the island of Java
**Java Man, one of the first specimens of "Homo Erectus" to be discovered
**Javan Rhinoceros, "Rhinoceros sondaicus ", critically endangered species of rhinoceros
**Javan Tiger, "Panthera tigris sondaica", subspecies of tiger believed to be extinct
**Java Trench, a subduction zone trench west of the island of Java
**Java War or Diponegoro War, fought in Java between the Dutch and Diponegoro, 1825-30
**Anglo-Dutch Java War, 1810-11
*Java, Georgia, a town in South Ossetia
**Java district, Georgia, district around this town
*Java, São Tomé and Príncipe
*Java, New York, USA
*Java, South Dakota, USA
*Java, Argyll and Bute, a settlement in Scotland
*Java, Suriname, a settlement in the Marowijne district
*Java Road, in North Point, Hong Kong Island
*Java, Virginia, a village in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA


*Java apple, "Syzygium samarangense", tree also known as the wax apple
*Java fern, "Microsorum pteropus", an aquatic fern
*Java moss, "Versicularia dubyana", a common aquarium moss
*Java pepper, "Piper cubeba", also known as cubeb
*Java plum, "Spondias mombin", also known as the golden apple


*HMS "Java", three ships of the British Royal Navy
*USS "Java" (1815), a 44-gun frigate in the United States Navy
*"Java" class cruiser, a class of Dutch World War Two vintage cruisers


*"Java" (board game), a board game set on the island of Java
*Chrysler Java, a 1999 concept car
* Java, a fictional character from the TV series "The Tribe"

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