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Gunjan Bagla (born 1956) is the author of "Doing Business in 21st Century India" (Business Plus; formerly Warner Books; Hachette Book Group USA) Bagla is also the founder and principal of "Amritt Ventures" [ Founder of Amritt Ventures] ; an organization based in Los Angeles advising major North American and European organizations about doing business in India and China. Bagla, an IIT graduate, [ [ JOURNEYS - The IITMAA e-Magazine : Issue 10 ] ] is a writer of articles on outsourcing and is a public speaker on the topic of global sourcing and marketing [ Speaking on Global Entrepreneurship ] [ Speakking on Global Product Development] . His articles on globalization appear in Daily Variety, CIO Magazine, BusinessWorld, and other publications in USA and India.

'India Expert'

Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Businessweek consider Gunjan an "India Expert" [{ED8D475F-5F6D-4472-B845-4F2DC8AA5D05} Marketwatch; Wall Street Journal Digital Network unit terms Gunjan as 'India Expert'] [ Forbes considers Gunjan an 'India Expert' ] [ Businessweek article on Gunjan ] . Los Angeles Times often quotes Gunjan in news of international importance related to India [ LA Times quotes Gunjan in their news related to Steven Spielberg founded Dreamworks studios being acquired by Indian corporate giant ] .

Doing Business in 21st Century India

Bagla’s book "Doing Business in 21st Century India", released by Business Plus (formerly Warner Books); Hachette Book Group USA) is an investor’s outline to setting up a business in modern India. describes it as: 'Essential advice on sales and marketing in the region Relevant background and history. Numerous supporting examples and interviews with top professionals in India' [ description of Doing Business in 21st Century India] . Barnes & Noble describes Baglas's book as "Outsiders need look no further than "Doing Business in 21st Century India", packed with everything one needs to know in order to understand and succeed in this emerging market" and "handbook on the subject" [ Barnes & Noble review of Doing Business in 21st Century India] .

Authored books

* Doing Business in 21st Century India (Business Plus) – an investors’ and entrepreneurs’ guide to doing business in India.

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