List of fictional United States Presidents A-F

The Following is a list of fictional United States presidents, A through F.


President William Abbott
* President in: "Advise and Consent" series, by Allen Drury
* Succeeds to presidency upon the assassination of President Harley Hudson.
* Declines to run for reelection, leading to the election of either Orrin Knox ("The Promise of Joy") or Edward M. Jason ("Come Nineveh, Come Tyre")

President Howard T. Ackerman
* President in the video game ""
* President in an alternate history where the United States faces both the Soviet Union and Japanese Empire in a futuristic World War
* Played by: J. K. Simmons

President Barbara Adams
* President in: "Whoops Apocalypse" (film, 1986) [cite web |url= |title=Whoops Apocalypse |accessdate=2007-12-02 |quote=Loretta Swit ... President Barbara Adams |publisher=IMDB ]
* Played by: Loretta Swit
* Succeeds to presidency upon death of the previous president. Her incompetence helps cause World War Three.
* Husband owns a weapons company that deliberately instigated the third world war to sell arms.

President David Jefferson Adams
* President in: "Shattered Union" (video game, 2005)
* The most unpopular President in US history, he was declared the winner of the 2008 Presidential election by Congress after a tie vote
* His administration saw increased domestic terrorism in 2010, resulting in the declaration of martial law in California in 2011
* A sham election, perpetrated by the Supreme Court disqualifying several more popular candidates, resulted in his "reelection" in 2012
* Was killed, along with most of the federal government, when a nuclear bomb was detonated in Washington DC during the inauguration on January 20, 2013

President Adler
* President in: "Jack & Bobby"
* Controversial President during the War of Americas. Adler was criticized as a war criminal for his handling of the war and was subsequently arrested by the president of Finland during Robert McCallister's administration and charged with war crimes.

President James "Jimmy" Alderdice
*President in E Pluribus Bang, A 1970 Novel by David Lippincott.
*A former Governor of California, Alderdice's Campaign slogan was "Law and Order, and Like it!"
*A devote Christin Scientist, he refused medical treatment for a cold he caught while being sworn into office, and died five days later.
*Succeeded by Vice President George Ramsey Kirk.

President David Alexander
* President in: ""
* Was vice-president and became president after the mysterious death of his predecessor. He was thrown out of office for not complying to his brother's (who was actually the Antichrist) New World order.
* Played by:Michael Biehn

"'President Josh Alexander
* President in: "Act of Treason" and "Protect and Defend" by Vince Flynn [cite book |last=Flynn |first=Vince |authorlink=Vince Flynn |coauthors= |title=Act of Treason |year=2006 |publisher= |quote=The motorcade of presidential candidate Josh Alexander had been hit by a car bomb. ... They turned out in record numbers on election day, and Josh Alexander and Mark Ross were swept into office by a landslide. ... | url= |isbn=0743270371 ]
* Party: Democratic
* Governor of Georgia
* Married to Jillian Rautbort Alexander
* Running mate was Mark Ross, three term Senator from Connecticut and hawkish Director of National Intelligence
* Ross secretly orchestrated the assassination of Jillian, in order to boost the ticket's popularity in the election
* Ross was killed the day of the inauguration by Irene Kennedy without the knowledge of Alexander. Alexander still believes he died of a heart attack.
* Threatened war with Iran after CIA Director Irene Kennedy was kidnapped and Iran sunk one of their own submarines and blamed it on the U.S.
* Along with Chief of Staff Byrne, Alexander uses football analogies to describe his policies.
* Secretary of Defense Brad England, Secretary of State Sunny Wicka, Secretary of the Treasury Mark Stevens, Attorney General Pete Webber, Chief of Staff Ted Byrne, National Security Advisor Frank Ozark, CIA Director Irene Kennedy, and CIA Deputy Director Chuck O'brien.

President Mackenzie Allen
* President in: "Commander-in-Chief"
* Allen, the vice-president under President Theodore Roosevelt "Teddy" Bridges, becomes the first female president in history after his death. She is married and has three children. Prior to becoming president, Allen was a prosecutor and congresswoman from Connecticut.
* When the dying Bridges and the Republican Party leadership requests her resignation in favor of a "more appropriate" leader, she refuses.
* Stated privately that her main political enemy is Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton.
* Played by: Geena Davis
* Party: Independent, formerly a moderate Republican

President Kathy Alton
* President in: "The Illuminati" by Larry Burkett
* Party: Democratic

President Juanita Alvarez
* President in: "Sunstorm" by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter
* President in 2037.

President Caesare Appleton
*President in: "Emperor of America" by Richard Condon
*Party: Royalty Party
*His name is a reference to Julius Caesar, his career mirrors that of Napoleon Bonaparte, and he satires Ronald Reagan
*Appleton is a colonel in the United States Army who defeats an attempted Sandinista invasion of Western Europe. The Royalty Party and National Rifle Association destroy Washington, D.C. with a nuclear bomb on March 18, 1990, with Appleton declaring himself President shortly after. He eventually becomes Caesare I, Emperor of America.

President Joseph Armando
* President in: "Mars" by Ben Bova
* The nation's first Hispanic president. Elected sometime in the early 21st century.
* During his administration, NASA orchestrated the first manned mission to Mars.
* Party: Democratic

President Henry Ashton
* President in: "Vantage Point (film)" by William Hurt
* Secret Service codename: "Eagle"
* The President's body double is shot during an assassination attempt in Salamanca, Spain, where he is attending a global summit on global terrorism. The actual President is kidnapped but rescued by Secret Service Agent Thomas Barnes.
* Party: Unknown

"'President R. Tucker Attenborough
* A former Speaker of the House to becomes President after the resignation of impeached President Beford Forrest Lockwood in Shelley's Heart (1995), a novel by Charles McCarry.
* Was next in line of succession due to the death of Vice President Williston Graves.
* The R. is for Richard.
* His efforts resolved a Constitutional Crisis due to an election stolen by computer fraud.
* Left office under the provisions of the 25th Amendment as soon as Vice President Sam Clark was confirmed by the Congress due to ill health.
* Party: Democrat

President Nicholas Franklin Augustine
* President in: "Acts of Mercy" by Bill Pronzini and Barry N. Malzberg
* Was a Junior Senator from California
* Works closely with his chief domestic aide, Maxwell Harper, and Secret Service agent Christopher Justice to investigate a plot against him.
* In the end, Augustine is revealed to have gone insane, that neither Harper nor Justice are actual people, and that all his conversations with them throughout the book have been figments of his imagination.


President Bill Baker
* President in: "Invasion" by Eric L. Harry
* A former B-movie actor, he led the United States when it was invaded by China. Shortly before the invasion he orders the conscription of all 18-24-year-old Americans, male "and" female.
* Has an estranged daughter, Stephie, a soldier who was drafted into the US Army.
* Party: Republican

President Robert Baker
* President in: "The Peacekeeper"
* Played by: Roy Scheider

President William Ballard
* President in: Tom Clancy's "Politika"
* During his administration, Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin dies of a heart attack. A group of Russian freedom fighters attempt to spark a civil war within Russia in the hopes of overthrowing the government.
* Is injured in an assassination attempt while attending Yeltsin's funeral, but survives.
* Party: Democratic

President John Ballentine
* President in: ""The Sentinel" (2006 film) (and 2003 novel by Gerald Peteivich)
* Targeted for assassination at a G8 Summit in Toronto. (film)
* Intended to divorce his wife after his term was finished (novel)
* Secret Service code name: Classic (film), Victory (novel)
* Played by David Rasche
* Party: Republican

President James Ballantine
* President in Video Game: "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter"
* Visits Mexico City to sign the fictional North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA) with the Mexican President and the Canadian Prime Minister.
* Survives an assassination and multiple kidnapping attempts in Mexico City during a coup d'état by Mexican soldiers opposed to NAJSA; rescued by the "Ghosts" Special Forces Team.

President Cliff Barnes
* President in: "Dallas", final episode "Conundrum" (aired May 3, 1991)
* In an alternate universe where J.R. Ewing had never been born, Barnes attains a successful political career, eventually becoming vice-president. When the president has a stroke, Barnes attains the office and, according to "Adam", the otherworldly being who guides J.R. through this alternate world, is one of the country's greatest.
* Played by: Ken Kercheval

President Harry Barnes
* President in: "24" "Declassified" novels

President Leo Barnett
* President in: the Wild Cards novels
* May have had the superhuman ability to heal injuries and diseases

President Josiah Bartlet
* President in: "The West Wing" (television)
* Bartlet is a Roman Catholic, graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a Nobel Prize-winning economist and was governor of New Hampshire and a congressman. He is married to Dr. Abigail "Abbey" Bartlet, MD, and has three daughters. He enjoys chess, opera and Latin. Bartlet served two full terms (less four days, when he temporarily relinquished his powers due to the abduction of his daughter). Shortly before re-election, Bartlet was censured by Congress due to concealment of material facts during his first presidential election run that the public should have known, even though not required by law (namely the fact that he has a relapsing-remitting course of multiple sclerosis).
* Qualities/attributes: Irascible yet good-humored, quite liberal, known for a fascination with useless trivia, esp. National Parks and historical trivia.
* Democratic
* Played by: Martin Sheen, who has been introduced at speaking engagements before liberal audiences as "the Acting President of The United States".
* Descendant of real-life Declaration of Independence signatory Josiah Bartlett.

President Buster Baxter
* In one episode, Arthur Imagines Buster President, after he kept a grudge with Binky Barnes.
* Played by Daniel Brochu

President Andy Bates
* President in "" roleplaying game.
* Known as "A-Bomb Andy" for his pro-nuclear war stance against the Confederacy.
* Elected as Vice President in 2078, took office in 2081 when Mary Rose Tremane disappeared (in Air Force One).
* Died on September 23, 2081, when Washington, D.C. was hit with a nuclear missile.

President David Beccerra
* President In "Tom Clancy's EndWar"
* First Hispanic US President
* During his presidency, the U.S. launches the Freedom Star Military Space Station amid global protests.
* A nuclear war between Iran and Saudi Arabia claims the lives of 20 million people.
* The European Union reorganizes into the European Federation.
* A global energy crisis causes oil prices to hit $800 a barrel, prompting Russia to remilitarize in order to protect its remaining resources.
* The U.S. and Europe engage in an arms race.
* World War III occurs between the U.S., Russia, and Europe.

President Tom Beck
* President in: "Deep Impact"
* During his administration, much of the Eastern Seaboard was devastated by a comet impact in the Atlantic Ocean.
* Is the nation's first African-American president.
* Played by: Morgan Freeman

President Raymond Becker
* President in: "The Day After Tomorrow" (film, 2004)
* Caricature of Dick Cheney
* Played by: Kenneth Welsh
* Former vice president, succeeds to presidency upon death of President Blake, who failed to escape from Washington, D.C. to the south.
* Opposed the evacuation of the United States in the wake of an ensuing environmental disaster out of fear for the U.S. economy.
* Much of the U.S. is devastated by the onset of a new Ice Age that freezes the entire Northern Hemisphere.

President Andrew Bee
*President in Brian Garfield's 1972 novel "Line of Succession"
*Former Congressman from California
*Chosen by Vice President Elect Dexter Ethridge to be his Vice President should kidnapped President Elect Clifford Fairlie not be rescued.
*Took office after Ethridge died from wounds received in terrorist bombing of U.S. Senate, and Fairlie died during an attempted rescue mission.
*Party: Republican

President Edward Bennett
* President in: "Clear and Present Danger" (movie only - the book's president is not named)
* Orders a covert war against Colombian drug lords but was exposed by Jack Ryan.
* Commonly thought to be named only in the closing credits of the movie, a sharp sense of hearing detects a mention of the name in the movie. (Not mentioned in any Tom Clancy book.)
* Played by: Donald Moffat
* Party: Unnamed, based on book, most likely Republican

President Richard Benson
* President in: "Megiddo: The Omega Code 2"
* Played by: R. Lee Ermey

President Thomas "Tug" Benson
* President in: "Hot Shots! Part Deux"
* Former navy admiral.
* Re-Election Campaign Slogan was "Tug Benson, The Simple Solution!"
* Played by: Lloyd Bridges

President Charles Berquist
* President in: "The Parsifal Mosaic" by Robert Ludlum

President Anna Bester
* President in John Shirley's Eclipse Trilogy
* Also called "the American Margaret Thatcher", Bester is in office during a Third world war with Russia.
* Towards the end of the war, Bester's administration suffers a major political scandal, when it is revealed that she had collaborated with the "Second Alliance Security Corporation", a front organization for a global neo-fascist conspiracy.
* Party: Most likely Republican

"'President R. Tanner Bivens
* President in Land of the Dead 2
* Not much is known about him now only that he is king of the jungle.

President Hosea Blackford
* President in: by Harry Turtledove
* From the State of Dakota (in Harry Turtledove's "Southern Victory" series timeline, the present-day states of North and South Dakota never came into existence, and their combined territory instead comprised the single state of Dakota), Blackford is inspired by Lincoln as a young man, and begins a political career, becoming a Socialist and serving as congressman from Dakota. Runs for vice president in 1920 under Upton Sinclair. Defeats Calvin Coolidge for the presidency in 1928 by a narrow margin.
* Blackford is unable to prevent the Great Depression in 1929. A war with Japan erupts, and the Japanese attack Los Angeles during a campaign rally. Blackford is soundly defeated by Coolidge in 1932.

President Blake
* President in: "The Day After Tomorrow" (film, 2004)
* Caricature of George W. Bush
* The US is devastated by a new ice age brought about by environmental instability.
* Presumably dies of hypothermia during the evacuation of the US, and is succeeded by Vice President Becker.
* Played by: Perry King

President George Blush
* President in: "America 2014: An Orwellian Tale" (novel)
* Fourth-term President

President John Blutarsky
* President in: "Where Are They Now? A Delta Alumni Update"
* In this follow up to "Animal House", the character Bluto has risen from his former position of Senator.
* Played by: John Belushi

President Andrew Boone
*President in: "Swing Vote (2008 film)"
*Incumbent in the middle of re-election
*Played by Kelsey Grammer
*Party: Republican

President Robert L. Booth
* President in: "Judge Dredd" in "2000 AD" comic
* Booth was the last President of the United States.
* He triggered the Third World War in 2070. He was deposed and sentenced to 100 years.

President Marge Bouvier
* President in: "The Simpsons" – "The Last Temptation of Homer" episode
* Native of Springfield.
* Marge Bouvier would have been president had she not married Homer; her presidency is shown in a vision to Homer by his guardian angel. She seems to have high approval ratings.

President David Bowers
* President in: "Splinter Cell" series
* Lead the nation during the Georgian Information Crisis in Georgia and a rebellion in Indonesia; defended South Korea during an American-Japanese conspiracy that aimed to start World War III.
* Survives a failed nuclear attack on Nashville, Tennessee by American terrorists.
* Republican

President Andrew Bradford
* President in: "The Second Lady" (novel) by Irving Wallace
* Set during the depths of the Cold War, First Lady Billie Bradford, is kidnapped by the KGB and replaced with a Soviet agent who has been surgically altered and specially trained to temporarily take her place in the international spotlight – and in the President’s bed. Through her, the USSR hopes to discover an American secret that could tip the balance of global power in favor of the Soviet Union.
* Democrat

President Mike Brady
* President in: "The Brady Bunch in the White House" (TV movie, 2003)
* Native of California with no political experience, Vice President Brady assumed the presidency after the resignation of President Lawrence Randolph. Brady then chose his wife Carol to be his vice president. Brady has six children from two marriages.
* Played by: Gary Cole

President Howard Brewster
*President in "Line of Succession", a 1972 novel by Brian Garfield
*Defeated for re-election by Clifford Fairlie.
*When Fairlie is abducted on a goodwill mission in Spain, and Fairlie's Vice President-Elect is killed as a result of a terrorist bombing of the Senate, Brewster attempts to remain in office.
*Line of Succession restore by Vice President Elect Dexter Ethridge's decision to choose Congressman Andrew Bee as his Vice President should Fairlie not be rescued.
*Party: Democrat

President Breyer
* President in "The Venture Bros." (TV show)
* Exemplifies the worst qualities of George W. Bush (Scandal rocked White House, mispronounces words, former alcoholic), Bill Clinton (Scandals, cheats on wife with intern), and Lyndon B. Johnson (appearance, love of cigars)
* Played by Dana Snyder

President Bricker
* President in: "The Man in the High Castle" (book) by Philip K. Dick
* Succeeded Franklin D. Roosevelt as president.
* unable to revive economy during the Great Depression
* an isolationist
* Possibly connected to John W. Bricker.

President Teddy Bridges
* President in: "Commander-in-Chief (TV series)"
* Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt Bridges was the governor of California and vice-president before becoming president. His vice-president was Mackenzie Allen, who became the first female president after he dies.
* On his deathbed after brain surgery, he asks Allen to step aside in favor of a "more appropriate" successor. He later dies.
* Played by: Will Lyman
* Party: Republican

President-elect Phil Bristol
* President in: "Protect and Defend" by Eric L. Harry (No relation to the book by Richard North Patterson)
* Bristol was the governor of California who won the presidency but was assassinated by anarchists at the Willard Hotel prior to his inauguration. He was succeeded by Gordon Davis.
* Party: "Republican"

President Wyndom Brody
* President in: "The Outer Limits" episode "Decompression"
* A senator, Brody won the New Hampshire primary and was flying to South Carolina for the primary where he was approached by a visitor from the future calling for Brody to save himself by jumping from his aircraft.
* In an alternate universe, President Brody became a selfish tyrant. He was killed when he jumped from his aircraft over Columbia, South Carolina.
* Played by: Bruce Boxleitner
* Possibly Republican (The Democrats did not have a South Carolina primary at the time.) []

President Paul Buckingham
*President in the 2000 movie Deterrence.
*Vice President Buchanan resigned during his term.
*Warned China against military action in 2007.
*Died in office in early 2008, succeeded by appointed Vice President Walter Emerson.
*Played by James Handy in the opening credits.

President Clint Bushton
* President in: "RollerCoaster Tycoon 3"
* He is one of the five VIPeeps (Very Important Peeps) in the game


President Jack Cahill
* President in: "Chain of Command"
* Played by: Roy Scheider

President Gary Callahan
* President in: "Transmetropolitan"
* An insane sadist
* Notes: AKA "The Smiler"

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho
* Appears in "Idiocracy"
* President in the year 2505 — Formerly a professional wrestler and porn star. His presidency is plagued with rampant famine, dust storms, and later, the collapse of the Brawndo company.
* Played by Terry Crews

President James (Jim) Carlisle
* President in: "Guarding Tess" (movie, Columbia/Tristar Studios; 1994)
* Former governor and U.S. senator from Ohio who was elected to the White House in the late 1980s. He died in office and had a funeral at the National Cathedral. His wife Tess was kidnapped and later rescued by a secret service agent.
* Played by: George Gomes (seen only in archive footage that Mrs. Carlisle is watching.)

President Carlson
* President in: "Executive Target"
* Played by: Roy Scheider

President Benito Caruso
* President in: "The Shape of Things to Come", H.G. Wells's 1934 future history.

* Elected in 1956 and carrying on in 1962 though his term had expired, because his successor-elect had disappeared in the Allegheny Mountains on his way to the capital . His authority in practice was restricted to the environs of Washington D.C., because the US had disintegrated due to the failure of the New Deal and the decades-long continuation and deepening of the 1929 economic crisis (see [] ). Earlier in the book, Caruso is mentioned among the statesmen from different countries ineffectively trying to negotiate an end to the European war of the 1940s (in which the US did not get involved).

President James Cassidy
* President in: "The Greek Tycoon"
* Probably based on President John F. Kennedy, since "The Greek Tycoon" is widely considered to be a thinly-veiled story about Aristotle Onassis, the second husband of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
* Played by: James Franciscus

President John Trelawney Cassidy
* President in: "Promises to Keep", novel by George Bernau
* Elected 35th President of the United States in November 1960, and serves until an assassination attempt in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963, spends the remainder of his term recovering from gunshot wounds to the head and throat.
* Does not run for re-election in 1964, and his Vice-President, Ransom W. Gardner assumes the post.
* Following misadventure in Vietnam, Cassidy challenges Gardner for the 1968 Democratic nomination and is elected the 37th President of the United States.

President Samuel Adams Castilla
* President in the "Covert-One" series of thriller novels written by several authors based on unpublished material from Robert Ludlum
* Castilla is from Mew Mexico.
* Early in his presidency, Castilla authorized the creation of a top-secret US agency named Covert-One.

President Chadbourne
*In an alternate reality briefly visited by Father Callahan in "Wolves of the Calla", Chadbourne appears on the ten dollar bill.

President Charles
* President in: "Jericho (TV series)".
* As Secretary of Health and Human Services, Charles is next in line of succession after most members of the U.S. government are killed in a series of nuclear attacks on two dozen American cities.
* In the aftermath of the attacks, Charles' claim to the presidency is challenged by five other surviving government officials (mostly members of the U.S. Senate). His administration eventually manages to regain control over all U.S. territory east of the Mississippi with Columbus, Ohio as the new capital. However, two newly emerged governments are still refusing to recognize the administration: The so-called Allied States of America (led by former Wyoming senator John Tomarchio) and an independent Texas.

President Dick Cheney
* President in: "Death of a President"
* Succeeded President George W. Bush who was assassinated on October 19, 2007 following an economic speech in Chicago, IL where an anti-war rally was being held.
* Uses the possible al-Qaeda connection of the suspect to push his own agenda. He calls for "PATRIOT Act III", giving the F.B.I., police, and other government agencies increased investigative powers on U.S. citizens and others.
* Vice President of 2008.

Acting President Sam Clark
*President in Shelley's Heart, a 1995 Novel by Charles McCarry.
*He was a former Senator from Massachusetts who was chosen for Vice President by President R. Tucker Attenborough.
*Was confirmed as Vice President in less then a day, and then took over as acting President due to President Attenborough's failing health under the 25th Amendment.
*Party: Democrat

President Hillary Clinton
* President in: "Sliders" episode "The Weaker Sex"
* Played by: Teresa Barnwell
* Party: Democratic (assumed)
* Also former President in John Birmingham's Axis of Time trilogy.
* Considered a great wartime President, killed in office
* The future UN fleet's aircraft carrier, the USS Hillary Clinton (aka "the Big Hill") is named after her

President David Coffey
* President in: "Footfall" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
* Having to deal with the invasion of Earth by elephant-like aliens. At a key scene is effectively overthrown by Admiral Carrel, the hardliner National Security Adviser, who feels that the President is making dangerous concessions to the aliens. Coffey seems loosely modeled on Jimmy Carter.

President Monroe "Eagle" Cole
* President in: "Welcome to Mooseport"
* Native of Mooseport, Maine, Cole served two terms as president and attempted to run for mayor of Mooseport after his presidency. Was the first President to divorce from his wife while in office.
* Played by: Gene Hackman
* Party: Democratic

President Alex Coleman
* President in: ".hack"
* Succeeded President Jim Stonecold who resigned after the "Pluto's Kiss" incident.
* Announced the "Network Peace Proclamation" to the world on December 14 2007, exactly three years after the "Pluto's Kiss" incident destroyed the modern internet.

President Billy Connor
* President in "The Spike" by Arnaud de Borchgrave and Robert Moss (1980)
* An ultraliberal former Congressman from Mississippi, he is oblivious to a Soviet plot to overthrow the Saudi monarchy and cut off Mideast oil to the West.

President Samuel Conrad
* President in "Act of War" and "Edge of Battle"
* Declared war against global terrorism after a nuclear attack in Houston and attempted nuke in San Francisco.
* Survived terrorist attack and invasion of White House

President Hamilton Conroy
* President in "Coyote" by Allen Steele
* Conroy is purportedly a descendant of Alexander Hamilton and is the President of the United Republic of America, an extreme right-wing reorganization of the United States of America where New England and the Pacific Northwest have seceded and become sovereign nations, at least up until 2070
* A former Congressman from Alabama, he was instrumental in getting Operation Starflight, the first manned deep-space mission to colonize 47 Ursae Majoris, up and running
* Party: Liberty Party, an ultraright-wing neoconservative party

President Joseph Copeland
* President in: "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny"
* Voiced by Taiten Kusunoki
* President of the superstate successor of the United States

President Cord
* President in: "Stealth Bomber" (1990) novel by Barnaby Williams.
* Believing that Cord's defense policy would be beneficial to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Soviets manipulated a presidential election to have Cord elected (he would have lost otherwise). Their plot is exposed when Iran tries to start World War Three.

President John J. Cormack
* President in: "The Negotiator"
* Notes: novel by Frederick Forsyth

President Guy "Whitey" Corngood
* President in: "Mr. Show with Bob and David"
* Played by: Jay Johnston

President William A. Cozzano
* President in: "Interface"
* Assassinated on his inauguration day, succeeded by Vice President Eleanor Richmond
* Notes: novel by Stephen Bury AKA Neal Stephenson

President Calvin Craig
* President in: "Assassination"
* Played by: Charles Howerton

President Stanley Craig
* President in: "The President Vanishes" by Rex Stout
* Played by: Arthur Byron

President Hugh Crane
* One of the many presidents in Robert Anton Wilson's Schrödinger's Cat trilogy
* President Crane succeeded President Carter upon his death.

President Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire
* President in the intro of the Arthur episode "The Election". She is being sworn in as President before Arthur Read calls out to Muffy. He was later dragged away by Binky Barnes, as a secret service agent.
* Played by: Melissa Altro

President Andrew Y. Culpepper
* President in: "Moonfall" by Jack McDevitt
* Briefly referenced in the novel "Moonfall".
* First African-American president and the oldest elected president (78).
* Was elected to office in 2008. Was re-elected in 2012.
* Opened his presidential library in 2019.
* Died in his sleep in 2021 at the age of 91.
* Party: Democratic

President Johnny Cyclops
* President in: "Whoops Apocalypse" (television, 1982)
* Qualities/attributes: A former screen actor, recently lobotomized. Hated at home and desperate to regain popularity. With other world leaders, starts World War III and resulting nuclear holocaust. Often depicted as being a puppet controlled by his security advisor, the Deacon. Possibly based on Ronald Reagan, as he is a Republican and he has a bad relationship with his son.
* Played by: Barry Morse
* Party: Republican


President Jack D'Amici
* President in the novels of Jim DeFelice

President James Dale
* President in: "Mars Attacks!"
* During re-election campaign, Earth makes contact with aliens.
* Graduated from Princeton University.
* Dale was killed by the aliens shortly after contact.
* Played by: Jack Nicholson

President Noah Daniels
* President in: 24, (2009 - 2017)
* Vice President to Wayne Palmer during Season 6 of 24.
* When Palmer is severely injured in an assassination attempt, Daniels takes over as Acting President.
* Palmer assumes office again for a few hours and asks for Daniels' resignation over Daniels' plan to launch a nuke at Hamri Al-Assad's country in order to stop Fayed from detonating another bomb on US soil.
* Palmer collapses during a press conference soon after and Daniels assumes office as President.
* Serves out the rest of Palmer's term and is re-elected to another term, however the 25th amendment bars him from running in 2017 and he is succeeded by Allison Taylor.
* Played by: Powers Boothe

President Paul Davenport
* President in: "First Kid"
* President Davenport is married to Linda Davenport and has one thirteen-year old son, Luke.
* Played by: James Naughton

President Gordon Davis
* President in "Protect and Defend" by Eric L. Harry (No relation to the book by Richard North Patterson)
* Davis was an African-American Senator from Maryland prior to his nomination as Governor Phil Bristol's running-mate. Davis was wounded in the assassination of President-elect Bristol and Davis was later sworn in in his hospital room. President Davis presided over a war between China and U.N. forces over control of Siberia.
* Party: Republican

President Browning Dayton
* President at the end of: "The Zero Factor", a 1980 novel by William Oscar Johnson
* Dayton is the Vice-President to Augustus Alvin York, a Republican nominated in Chicago as the candidate for president when the convention for the 1980 election is hopelessly deadlocked with Ronald Reagan and other nominees. After dozens of ballots, York is a compromise/sacrificial nomination.
* To everyone's surprise, York wins the 1980 election, but then becomes rather obsessed with the "Zero Factor" for presidents. All presidents elected in a year ending in Zero since 1840 have died in office. York fears he will be next in 1980.
* After multiple attempts on his life, York begins to suffer severe stress, and finally finds the freedom from the Zero Factor by resigning office and turning the Presidency over to Browning Dayton, who assumes the office of President of the United States.
* Party: Republican

President Hamilton "Ham" Delbacher
* President in the Allen Drury novels "The Hill of Summer" and "The Roads of Earth".
* Sitting Vice-President, on the verge of being asked to leave the coming year's ticket, who succeeds to the Presidency after his unnamed predecessor dies on the Fourth of July.
* Despite enormous personal criticism at home and abroad, defies plans by Yuri Serapin, the dictator of the Soviet Union, to undermine the west.
* Survives an assassination attempt by a false KGB defector inside the White House.
* Presides over the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but is disappointed when the People's Republic of China begins assimilating Soviet Asian territory, including Siberia.
* Political party: Unknown

President Jarrod Delport
* President in the Josh Gurling novel "The American Hero" and "The Word of Hate".
* Is the Governor of California and launches an unsuccessful Presidential bid, he is later asked to be Jack Thorpe's running mate, winning the election in 2032.
* Becomes the first Foreign-born US Vice President, and later President, when the 34th Ammendment is passed in Congress allowing him to run.
* Is elected President in 2036, winning by a massive landslide against William J. Gaul, he chooses Edward "Ed" Garcia as his running mate, Garcia is the first Hispanic Vice President until his death in 2039.
* Married to former Alaska Governor's daughter, Alexandra Read.
* Has two children, Henry Benjamin Delport and Sarah Leigh Delport, he then works alongside Paul Marvin, the Prime Minister of Canada to create a loose American Federation.
* Campaign Slogan: "It's TIME"
* Political party: Democratic
* Terms: (2036-2044)
* Vice President(s): Edward Garcia (2036-2039) and Jillian McCallister (2039-2044)

President Tom Dering
* President in Justin Richards' novels: "Doctor Who: Option Lock" and "Doctor Who: Millennium Shock"
* Dering's running mate was Jack Michaels; Dering defeated Bill Clinton in the 1996 presidential election.

President Deutscher
* President in: "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury
* Elected to president instead of President Keith, when a butterfly is stepped on, and future is changed.
* May be a take on Adolf Hitler.

President Devlin
* President in: ""
* Played by: George Clooney
* Note: Devlin appeared in the first "Spy Kids" film, but he was not president then. "" featured an unnamed president played by Christopher McDonald.

President Devonian
* Former President referenced in the book "Thank You for Smoking" by Christopher Buckley.

President Douglass Dilman
* President in "The Man", Irving Wallace's 1965 novel and a 1972 television film adaptation written by Rod Serling
* First African American President, Dilman was President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate and succeeded to the presidency, via a multiple vacancy
* Played in the film by: James Earl Jones

President Trick E. Dixon
* President in "Our Gang (novel)" by Philip Roth
* Satire of Richard Nixon, inspired by Nixon's statement about his opposition to abortion based on his belief in "the sanctity of human life", while, at the same time, he had escalated bombing campaigns in Vietnam to include Cambodia.

President Joe Doakes
* President in: "Mathematicians in Love"
* A parallel universe's Heritagist president paralleling that of our George W. Bush.

President-elect Tom Dobbs
* President in: "Man of the Year"
* A talk show host elected president but turns it down when he discovers that his victory was due to fraud
* Political party: Independent
* Played by: Robin Williams

President John Doe A.K.A. Tempus
* President in: "" episodes "Meet John Doe" and "Lois and Clarks"
* Played by: Lane Davies

President Kevin J. Donnelly
* President in: "The General's President" by John Dalmas
* Was Vice-President to President Wheeler, and took over after his death in office.
* Instituted several emergency measures to combat growing unrest, but was left physically and emotionally drained.
* Forced his Vice-President's resignation after a scandal. Under new emergency powers, appointed Minnesota businessman Arne Haugen VP and immediately resigned.
* Taken afterwards to Bethesda Naval Hospital for treatment.

President Victor von Doom
* President in issues 29-33 of the now-cancelled "Doom 2099" comic book, and other "Marvel 2099" titles.
* Dictator of the fictional country Latveria, Doom arrives in the year 2099 from sometime in our near future via unknown means. Seeing the damage being done to the world by American mega-corporations, Doom invades America and installs himself as President by "right of revolution."
* Although never completely resolved in the comic book, it is assumed that the title character is, in fact, Victor von Doom and not one of a number of Doom impersonators that have appeared in the present-day comics timeline.

President Douchebag
* President in:
* His two term presidency caused the meaning of the word "douchebag" to change. His opponent was identified as Senator Daterape.

President Matt Douglas
* President in: "My Fellow Americans"
* Former governor of Indiana, Douglas ran against Senator Russell P. Kramer of Ohio and lost, but defeated incumbent President Kramer four years later in a landslide. Douglas was later defeated by Kramer's vice-president, William Haney. Douglas later ran again for office as an independent alongside Kramer. He had a reputation as a womanizer and was married to Katherine Douglas.
* Played by: James Garner
* Party: Independent, formerly Democratic

President Douglas
* President in: "The Puppet Masters" (film, 1994)
* Played by: Tom Mason

President Michael Dugan
* President in the video games ' and '
* Led nation during a Soviet invasion of the United States that ignites World War III. He is still President as of June 30, 1972, when the first phase of the war ends.
* Played by: Ray Wise

President Sam Dunne
* President in: "Touched by an Angel"
* Played by: "David Hart (puppeteer)"

President Charles Carter Durant
* President in: "Earth II"
* Played by: Lew Ayres

President Roger Durling
* President in Tom Clancy novel "Debt of Honor"
* Former Governor of California, he succeeds to the presidency after his predecessor (Fowler) resigns.
* Served in Viet Nam with the 82nd Airborne Division.
* Appoints Jack Ryan his Vice President, then killed along with most of Congress in a terrorist attack on The Capitol.
* Party: Unnamed, most likely Democrat


President Sarah Susan Eckert
* President in: J.M. Dillard's novelization of ""
* A scene deleted from the film shows Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov near Mount Rushmore, on which a fifth face, that of an African-American woman, can be seen.
* Dillard's novelization refers to Eckert as "the first black Northam president."

President Walter Emerson
* President in: "Deterrence"
* Played by: Kevin Pollak
* After the elected vice president resigned, he was confirmed with minority support of the electorate. The President died of natural causes, elevating Emerson.
* Initially seeking his party's nomination in the next primary, he drops out after ordering a nuclear strike on Baghdad after Iraqi President Uday Hussein has the Republican Guard invade Kuwait.

President Sven Ericson
* President in the novel "Full Disclosure" by William Safire
* President Ericson is blinded during the assassination of the leader of the USSR. It is learned that the then-candidate had suffered temporary blindness during his campaign, and it was decided not to disclose this. The novel follows attempts to remove the president from office. Ericson is divorced, has an active sex life, and loves the White House meatloaf.

President Jackson Evans
* President in: "The Contender"
* A former senator who attended West Point and enjoys cigars and shark steak sandwiches. Evans was a two-term Democratic president who sought to replace his deceased vice president, Troy Ellerd, with Senator Laine Hanson (D-Ohio) to succeed him.
* Was set upon stumping the White House kitchen staff before leaving office with outrageous food requests, ultimately succeeding when they said they were out of Munster cheese, for his grilled cheese sandwich.
* Played by: Jeff Bridges
* Party: Democratic

President J. R. Ewing
* President in the novel "Back in the USSA" by Kim Newman and Eugene Byrd
* Ewing becomes President of the Confederation of Independent North American States in 1992, following the collapse of the Communist regime of the United Socialist States of America. He is still President in 1998, although severely weakened (both politically and physically) following a 1996 assassination attempt. It is mentioned that him being president is the only thing preventing the secession of Texas. A number of military officers including Colin Powell and Nick Fury are said to scheme to overthrow him in a coup.


President Fenton
* President in The Man, a 1972 TV movie based on the book by Irving Wallace
* Killed along with the Speaker of the House in a building collapse in Germany.
* Invalid Vice President Noah Calvin (Lew Aryes)declines the office do to health reasons President Fenton is replace by the President Pro Tem of the U.S Senate, Senator Douglass Dilman of New Hampshire (James Earl Jones)
* President Fenton was from Arizona, and his widow was in Phoenix at the time of the accident.

President Robert Fielding
*President in: "Command & Conquer"
*During his time in office, he spearheads the Global Defense Initiative and the White House comes under attack from the Brotherhood of Nod.

President John Fields
* President in: "Executive Power"
* Played by: William Atherton

President Mallard Fillmore
* President of the United Species of America in "Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew"
* A duck, Fillmore's name is a play on Millard Fillmore. He may be related to the Mallard Fillmore of the syndicated comic strip.

President Finesterre
* Former president referenced in the book "Thank You for Smoking" by Christopher Buckley.
* Assassinated around the time of the Kennedy assassination.
* Uncle of Senator Finesterre, who is engaged in a sex scandal.
* Grandfather of Vermont Senator Ortolan K. Finesterre, the other Senator Finesterre's nephew, and the former Governor of Vermont.

President Gerald Fitzhugh
* United States President in the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, "End of State" political spin-off by Neesa Hart, and the film ""
* Played by: Louis Gossett, Jr.
* Fitzhugh became a figurehead and lame duck after his powers were removed by Global Community Grand Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia. He then secretly controlled anti-Carpathia militia and revolted against the world ruler, initiating World War III. He was ultimately killed in retaliatory strikes by the G.C.

President Maddie Fitzpatrick
* In an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, she is imagined as the President of the United States, after her campaign was funded by the crook Hot Peppers Delio.
* One of her campaign managers was Zack Martin, who later is jealous when she kisses someone other than him.
* Played By: Ashley Tisdale

President Fletcher J. Fletcher
* President in: "A Planet for the President" (2004 novel by Alistair Beaton)
* Fletcher is president during a period of massive global climate change. During administration, a category 5 hurricane destroys the entire city of New Orleans, killing thousands. Fletcher drinks alcohol and is a devout Christian who hates liberals and has a gay son. He appears to be a thinly disguised take on George W. Bush.
* To solve the global environmental crisis, the Fletcher administration unleashes a massive biological pandemic, saving only the United States; in the end, the virus kills all humans on the planet except President Fletcher.
* Party: Possibly Republican. Possibly Democratic. Possibly Reform.

President Ford
* President in Frisky Dingo
* A scheming, greedy, border-line insane, elderly black man, he usurped the presidency from President Taqu'il, by poisoning the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the Senate, and shooting down Air Force One with a rocket launcher, while the President, Vice Cabinet, and the Cabinet were on board, making him resident via succession as Secretary of Homeland Security
* Voiced by Mr. Ford, whom is the next door neighbor to the show's production company, 7030 Productions.

President Herbert Forrest
*President in Superman Annual #3 (vol. 2) [DC Comics 1991]
*A former Senator who uses the nuclear destruction of Metropolis as an issue to win the Presidency.
*Sparked by the death of Lois Lane and all his friends, Superman begins to remove all nuclear weapons from Earth.
*President Forrest asks Batman to stop Superman after he causes the death of U.S. sailors while disarming a nuclear missile submarine.
*Party: Republican

President Emily Forrester
* President in: "" (2000 novel by Caleb Carr)

President James Foster
* President in: "Chasing Liberty"
* Foster is married to Michelle Foster and has one daughter, Anna.
* Popular second-term president with a 63% approval rating.
* Played by: Mark Harmon

President William Foster
* President in: "The Enemy Within (1994 TV Movie)"
* Played by: Sam Waterston

President Jonathan Robert "Bob" Fowler
* President in: "The Sum of All Fears"
* Former governor of Ohio and when president, the city of Denver (Baltimore in the film version) was destroyed by a nuclear device.
* Party - Democratic (unnamed in novel, but most likely Democrat)
* Played by: James Cromwell

President Clementine Searcy Fox
* President in: "First Hubby", a novel by Roy Blount, Jr.
* First female president

President D. Nolan Fraser
* Elected President in the year 2000 in the book "The Venus Belt" by L. Neil Smith
* The Mayor of Denver, his platform was to restore the personal liberties seen in Smith's first book in the series, "The Probability Broach."
* Party: Propertarian (a stand-in for the real-life Libertarian Party).

President Ferris F. Fremont
* President in: "Radio Free Albemuth" by Philip K. Dick
* Based loosely upon Richard Nixon, Fremont is a paranoid who turns the U.S. into a Stalinesque police state to crush a nonexistent conspiracy. "F" being the sixth letter of the alphabet, his initials spell out 666.

"'President Max Frost (Max Jacob Flatow Jr)
* President in "Wild in the Streets"
* Played by Christopher Jones
* Popular rock star, gets minimum age for President reduced to 20 (or so) and voting age to 14, by spiking congress's water with LSD.
* Wins presidency and interrs all "oldsters" in concentration camps

President Truman Theodore Fruitty
* President in: "Mr. Show with Bob and David"
* Played by: Jay Johnston
* The eleventy-twelfth President.

President Fuller
* One of the many presidents in Robert Anton Wilson's Schrödinger's Cat trilogy
* Resigned from office after he found the irrelevancy of his position.
* Based on Buckminster Fuller

President FXJKHR
* President in: "Futurama
* Was 60th President (of either Earth or the U.S.)
* Details of Presidency are unknown though a monument depicts him sitting atop a throne of skulls.


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