Stewart (name)

Stewart (name)

Family name
name =Stewart

meaning ="household guardian"
region =Scotland
origin =
related names =Stuart
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name = Stewart

gender = Masculine
meaning =
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origin =
related names =Stuart
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Stewart is a common surname and is also used as a masculine given name of pre-7th century Olde English origin, derived from "stigweard", the prefix "stig" meaning "household", and the suffix "weard" meaning "guardian". [cite web |url= |title=Surname: Stewart | |accessdate=2008-03-20] An alternative spelling is Stuart. The progenitor of the Stewart family was a Breton knight who settled in England after the Norman Conquest. Within a few generations, his descendents, who had by then relocated to Scotland, became the High Stewards of Scotland, hence the origin of the surname.

House of Stuart

One of the hereditary Stewart stewards, Walter Stewart, married Marjorie Bruce, daughter of King Robert I, and founded the royal House of Stuart (a French spelling), beginning with their son King Robert II. The House of Stuart was the longest serving royal dynasty of Scotland. In 1603, the Stuart King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England and Wales by succession to Queen Elizabeth I. The Stuart dynasty ruled Scotland, England and Wales (with an interruption during Cromwell's Commonwealth after the English Civil War) until 1714, when Queen Anne died and the British Crown passed to the German Electors of Hanover.

The grandson of James II, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, led the last attempt to restore the Stuart dynasty to the British Crown in 1745-6 and became known to history as "Bonnie Prince Charlie". This attempted coup d'etat ended in the slaughter of Charles' army at the Battle of Culloden in April, 1746.

tewart peers

In addition to the Royal House of Stuart, various branches of the Stewart family became Scottish peers, at various times holding the Marquisate of Bute, the Earldom of Atholl and the Earldom of Mar. Several families of Stewarts became Highland clans in their own right, including the Stewarts of Appin, the Stewarts of Ardvorlich the Stewarts of Atholl, the Stewarts of Garth.

Many Stewart emigrants from the lowlands of Scotland settled in Ulster in the seventeenth century.

People named Stewart

*Al Stewart (born 1945), singer-songwriter
*Alana Stewart, former model, now an actress, former wife of Rod Stewart
*Alastair Stewart (born 1952), broadcaster
*Alison Stewart, reporter
*Alec Stewart, former England wicket-keeper
*Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha Stewart
*Belle Stewart - (1906 - 1997) singer
*Bill Stewart (journalism), murdered reporter
*Bill Stewart (musician), musician
*Bill Stewart (sports) (1894-1964), coach and official in hockey and baseball
*Brent Stewart, Manitoba judge
*Several people named Charles Stewart
*Daniel Stewart, soldier and politician
*David A. Stewart (born 1952), musician (The Eurythmics)
*Dave Stewart (baseball player) (born 1957), baseball player
*Sir Donald William Stewart, commissioner of British East Africa
*Dugald Stewart (1753-1828), philosopher
* Several people named Duncan Stewart
*Evan Stewart (born 1975), Zimbabwean diver
*Fred Stewart, former English football manager
*George E. Stewart Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient
*George R. Stewart (1895-1980), novelist and toponymist
*Iain Stewart, geologist
*Ian Stewart (athlete)
*Ian Stewart (mathematician), mathematician
*Ian Stewart (Conservative politician), UK Conservative politician
*Ian Stewart (Labour politician), UK Labour politician
*Ian MacAlister Stewart, 13th Laird of Achnacone,British World War II officer.
* Stewart, Ivan US offroad racing legend
*Jackie Stewart (born 1939), former Scottish Formula One driver and triple World Champion, also raced in Can-Am
*James Stewart, Earl of Moray (1531-1570), regent of Scotland
*See Jimmy Stewart below for actor James Steward (1908-1997)
*Jean Stewart (born 1930), New Zealand swimmer
*J. I. M. Stewart, (1906-1994)
*Jimmy Stewart (1908-1997), actor
*John Stewart (comics) fictional character in Green Lantern comics
*John Donald Hamill Stewart (1845-1884), British officer
*John Quincy Stewart (1894–1972), American astrophysicist
*Jon Stewart (born 1962), comedian
*Kordell Stewart (born 1972), American football player
*Sir Malcolm Stewart, founder of The London Brick Company
*Martha Stewart (born 1941), home economist
*Mary Stewart (born 1916), British author, novelist
*Mary Stewart (swimmer) (born 1945), Canadian freestyle swimmer
*Several people named Michael Stewart
*Patrick Stewart (born 1940), British actor
*Paul Stewart (footballer) (born 1964), English footballer
*Payne Stewart (1957-1999), golfer
*Potter Stewart (1915-1985), US Supreme Court justice
*Robert Ginger Stewart (1920-1990) 1947 Welter Weight boxing Champion of Scotland
*Robert John Stewart Scottish-born musician, writer and magician
*Robert L. Stewart astronaut
*Robert Marcellus Stewart, US governor, politician
*Rod Stewart (born 1945), British singer-songwriter, musician
*Rosemary Stewart (business theorist)
*Rosemary Stewart - singer
*Tony Stewart (born 1971), NASCAR driver
*Thomas Dale Stewart (physicist) (1890-1958) American physicist
*Trenton Lee Stewart American writer
*Several people named Walter Stewart
*William George Drummond Stewart (1831-1868) Scottish Army Officer to whom was awarded the Victoria Cross
*Wynn Stewart, singer-songwriter, musician
*The members of the Stewart family who performed as part of Sly & the Family Stone:
**Sylvester Stewart (Sly Stone) (born 1944), singer-songwriter, frontman
**Rose Stewart (Rose Stone) (born 1945) singer/keyboardist
**Fred Stewart (Freddie Stone) (born 1946) singer/guitarist
**Vaetta Stewart (Vet Stone) (born 1949) singer

*Stewart Copeland, drummer.


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