RAF-2203 Latvija - minibus, designed and developed by Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika in 1976—1997. Were widely used throughout USSR as fixed-run taxis (the Marshrutkas), medical cars and as a special services vehicles.

Replaced mostly by GAZ products (GAZelle, "Barguzin", etc).


* RAF-2203 Latvija - 4x2 4dr van, 1976
* RAF-2203 Latvija [delivery] - 4x2 4dr delivery van
* RAF-2203 Latvija [cardiology] - 4x2 4dr cardiac ambulance
* RAF-2203 Latvija [fire] - 4x2 4dr fire minivan
* RAF-2203 Latvija GAI - 4x2 4dr police van
* RAF-2203 Latvija [mail] - 4x2 4dr mail van
* RAF-2203 Latvija [taxi] - 4x2 4dr taxi van
* RAF-2203 Latvija VAI - 4x2 4dr military police van
* RAF-22031 Latvija - 4x2 4dr ambulance

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