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company_name = eNtoB
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company_type = Public (traded on the Korea Stock Exchange)
foundation = August 29, 2000
location = flagicon|South Korea Seoul, South Korea
key_people = Kim, Bong-kwan President and a Representative Director
industry = Electronic Commerce(B2B On-Line Marketplace for MRO
products = Total Outsourcing Service, Auction and Catalog transaction Brokerage, Package Purchase Service, MRO Shopping Mall , Procurement financing services
revenue = About US$ 560 Million U.S.Dollars in 2007
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operating_income =
net_income =
num_employees = 130
parent =
shareholders = Joint investment of 5 groups of POSCO, KT(Korea Telecom), Hyundai, Hanjin, and KCC Group
homepage = [http://www.entob.com www.entob.com]
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eNtoB is one of Korean leading enterprises for MRO suppliers. eNtoB provides out-sourcing procurement services through internet for MRO (Maintenance, repair and Operatin)products, established in August 2000 with capital of 16 million dollars(16 billion won) invested by 25 affiliates of the five business groups of POSCO, KT, Hyndai, Hanjin and KCC.


* August 2000 Established by joint investment of POSCO, KT, Hanjin, Hyundai KCC Group
* June 2001 Electronic catalogues completed for 100,000 items
* January 2002 Kim,Bong-kwan inaugurated as CEO
* September 2002 Began services of User Direct Purchasing (Desktop Purchasing) system for KT ( Korea telecom )
* January 2004 Opened Supply Centers at Pohang and Gwangyang
* November 2004 Obtained venture business certification for new technology
* November 2004 Ranked 4th biggest venture company in Korea by attaining sales of US$ 370 million dollars.
* September 2006 Opened a combined service of purchase and financing e-Marketplace named as "Ubinova"in cooperation with Seoul Guarantee Insurance
* January 2007 Awarded as MRO supplier from Seoul metroplitan office
* December 2007 Recorded financing services amounting about US$ 130 million for medium & small enterprises in 2007.

Financial information

* 2007
** Capital : 16 billion won ($16 million USD)
** Revenue : 563.2 billion won($563.2 million USD)

Area of Business

* [http://www.entob.com Total Outsoucing service] : A large enterprise-centered MRO items outsourcing
* [http://www.ubinova.com Ubinova] : A combination purchasing and financing e-Marketplace (purchase funding)
* [http://www.entobmall.com Shopping mall for small and medium enterprises] (MRO Shoppingmall)
* Reverse Auction

MRO Items [ [http://www.entob.com/eng/main/SvcMroItems.jsp mro items link from entob ] ]

*Thightening/Fixing items : Tightening/Fixing items, screws, nuts, rivets, retainers, nails, bolts, bolts/nuts, brackets, studs, spacers, springs, sleeves, anchors, washers, clamps, clips, turnbuckles, pins, handles, hooks, knobs
*Tools : Powered tools, layout tools, repair sets, manual tools, welding supplies, fixtures, cutting tools, communication tools
* Souvenirs/Gifts :stationery, living necessities, sports/leisure supplies, accessories, sanitary supplies/food, computer supplies
* Machinery : Air compressors, air conditioning equipment, mixers, gears, gear boxes, drive couplings, drums, vibrators, burners, boilers, shafts/axles, ventilators, sprockets, laboratory instruments, actuators, hydraulic equipment, machines for workshops, compressors, compressor accessories, clutches/brakes and accessories, tanks, fans, pumps, pulleys, keys/locks
* Measuring/control items :Sensors/detectors, weighing/surveying instruments, optical measuring instruments, recording appliances, analyzing devices, testing/measuring instruments, electrical measuring instruments, control instruments, measuring instruments, measuring auxiliary devices, converters, communication measuring instruments, transducers, transmitters, environmental measuring instruments
* Medical supplies : Medical equipment, medicines/medical supplies
* Communication equipment : Communication materials, network equipment, wiring materials, telephone cards, phone sets
* Computer/Information supplies : Memories/processors, copiers, software, input/output devices, storage devices, computer media, computer accessories, computers, computer boards
*Electrical/Electronic : Lamps/lights supplies, laser pointers, semiconductor equipment, batteries, office appliances, audio/video equipment, electrical/electronics items, electrical equipment, electronic calculators/dictionaries, cameras and accessories, cables and accessories, projectors
*Fixtures/Living necessities :Personal supplies, safes, telling machines, catering/kitchen supplies, paper crushers, security devices, office supplies, office boards, office furniture, coupons, living sundries
* Publications/prints : Books, business cards, oiled papers, calendars/notebooks
*Petroleum/chemical products : Paints, industrial chemical/gas materials, consumable chemicals, fuels, lubricants
*Stationery/office supplies :Binding/laminating systems, general office supplies, desk accessories, drawing and painting accessories, papers, OHP films, files/binders/notebooks, writing materials
*Raw and subsidiary materials :Steel structures, building materials, structural materials, other raw and subsidiary materials, vinyl products, wires, glass/glass products, material specimen, insulating materials, felts/fabrics
*Publications/prints : Books, business cards, oiled papers, calendars/notebooks
*Transportation/Conveyance/Srorage : Power transmission parts, materials handling items, warehouse management devices, cargo-moving vehicle supplies, packing materials, packing machines
* Maintenance : Gaskets/packing/seals, sundries for factory maintenance, machine parts, valves and accessories, bearings and accessories, fittings of pipe/tube/hose, filters and accessories


*MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Opeation) means consumable standardized products commonly used by companies for their business activities, ranging from maintanance, repair supplies for production equipments to office supplies.
* B2B is an abbreviated terminology of business to business which meanstransaction made only between enterprises.This differs from B2C ( business to customers ) whose transaction is being donebetween company and individual customers like retail shops.

ee also

* [http://www.entob.com/eng/index.jsp eNtoB]
* [http://www.ubinova.com ubinova]
* [http://www.entobmall.com entobmall]


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