Infobox Album | Name = Intendo
Type = Album
Artist = Bis

Released = 1998
Recorded = Apollo Recordings & The Practice Pad, Glasgow, Scotland
Genre = Britpop
Length = 24:09
Label = Grand Royal
Producer = Rik Flick, Richie Demsey
Reviews =
* Robert Christgau (**) [ link]
Last album = "The New Transistor Heroes"
This album = "Intendo"
Next album = "Social Dancing"

Intendo is an album by Scottish rock band Bis. It is a collection of non-album tracks plus one new song as a gift to the American market. "Intendo" collects music from the "Everybody Thinks That They're Going to Get Theirs", "Kandy Pop/Sweet Shop Avengerz", "Kid Cut", "Sweet Shop Avengerz" singles as well as tracks from Bis' splits with Heavenly and Lugworm.


# "Grand Royal with Cheese (Intro)" (0:29)
# "Statement of Intent (Remix)" (2:15)
# "Girl Star (Remix)" (3:26)
# "Clockwork Punk" (2:44)
# "Famous (Demo)" (2:47)
# "Ninja Hi-Skool" (1:48)
# "Kid Cut (Demo)" (2:08)
# "Automatic Freestyle" (2:24)
# "I'll Get You Back" (1:07)
# "Cookie Cutter Kid" (4:00)
# "Grand Royal with Cheese (Outro)"


* Available on both CD and 12" vinyl.
* Packaging lists "Cookie Cutter Kid" and "Grand Royal with Cheese (Outro)" as separate tracks, but they are both on track 10.

Additional Musicians

Ian Copland - drums
Rik Flick - Blues Harp


Tracks 1 & 11
Recorded by: Richie Demsey
Recorded at: The Practice Pad, Glasgow, Scotland, February 1996.
Tracks 2 - 10
Recorded by: Rik Flick
Recorded at: Apollo Recordings, Glasgow, Scotland, January 1997 to January 1998.
Track 2
Remixed by: Jason Famous
Remixed at: Apollo Recordings, Glasgow, Scotland, March 1998
Track 3
Remixed by: Andy Haldane
Remixed at: Apollo Recordings, Glasgow, Scotland, March 1998

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