The Gods of Earth and Heaven

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Name = The Gods of Earth and Heaven
Type = Album
Artist = Army of Lovers

Released = 1993
Recorded =
Genre = Pop, Dance
Length =
Label = Stockholm Records
Producer = Alexander Bard, Per Adebratt, Anders Wollbeck
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Last album = Massive Luxury Overdose
This album = "The Gods of Earth and Heaven"
Next album = Glory, Glamour and Gold

"The Gods of Earth and Heaven" is Army of Lovers third studio album. It's the first "new" album, after the replacement of La Camilla by Michaela Dornonville de la Cour and the introduction of a new member, Dominika Peczynski.

It contains hit songs like "Israelism" and "La Plage de Saint-Tropez". The clip of Israelism was banned from MTV- they didn't like the video, cause to them, the band made fun of the Jewish religion (despite the fact that 2 bandmembers are Jewish). The album didn't do as well as Massive Luxury Overdose did. In the Finnish album charts, it reached # 11 and sold over 22.000 Copies. []

Track listing


#Chihuahuas On Parade (0:41)
#We Are The Universe (3:41)
#La Plage De Saint-Tropez (3:32)
#I Am (3:54)
#Le Portrait De Jean-Pierre (0:44)
#Israelism (3:20)
#The Grand Fatigue (3:32)
#Carry My Urn To Ukraine (4:04)
#Sebastien (3:33)
#La Storia Di O (0:45)
#Blood In The Chapel (3:16)
#The Ballad Of Marie Curie (3:48)
#Heterosexuality (4:10)
#Sons Of Lucy (3:02)
#Also Sprach Alexander (0:35)
#The Day The Gods Help Us All (3:45)


#1993 - Israelism
#1993 - La Plage De Saint Tropez
#1993 - I Am

Chart positions

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