Volkswagen Polo G40

Volkswagen Polo G40

Infobox Automobile generation
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manufacturer = Volkswagen
production = 1991–94 (IIF)
aka = Polo GT G40, G, G-40.

The Mark II and IIF were available as supercharged G40 models. The GT G40 with its 1.3-litre 85 kW (115 bhp) could reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.1 s from standstill and had a maximum speed of 196 km/h (122 mph). It was used by Volkswagen to set a number of world endurance speed records, such as the 1.3-litre class records for speed over 24 hours and speed over a distance of 5000 km.

There have been a number of one make race series for the Polo, starting with the Volkswagen Polo G40 Cup for MkII and MkIIF G60 versions. The current Polo Cup championship for 105 bhp (78 kW) cars is a support race at rounds of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

At the time of launch of the Mark IIF Volkswagen Polo, the highest performance model was the Polo GT. This featured a multi-point fuel injected version of the 1272 cc engine. This produced 75 bhp (56 kW) and had a quoted top speed of 107 mph. 0-60 figures from stand still stood at 11.1 seconds. Defining features of the GT include red piping in the bumpers, black overhead cloth, a rev counter and a red "GT" badge in the grille. This was succeeded by the launch of the G40 in May 1991, displacing the GT as the most powerful Polo at the time. The GT squareback was discontinued in 1992 due to poor sales in comparison with the coupé version. [citation needed]

Soon after the launch of the Mark IIF, another sporting model was added to the range — a new version of the supercharged G40, now as a full production model in all markets rather than the limited batch of Mark II G40s. As with the previous model, Volkswagen Motorsport modified G40 Cup cars were sold for racing in a one-make series, the Volkswagen Polo G40 Cup. Features that define the G40 from other Polo models at the time (on top of the GT) include a bee-sting aerial, BBS cross-spoke alloy wheels, Le Mans interior trim and front and rear red "G40" badges.

Although this version of the Polo was based on a nine-year-old design when it was launched, it sold well in most of Western Europe and was a popular choice in the UK, where a large percentage of examples are still running 13 years after the last one was sold.

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