Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers are like normal loudspeakers, but instead of using a cable to transmit the electronic signals carrying the sound information, the signals are transmitted by means of radio frequency (RF) waves.

Wireless speakers consist of a main unit which consists of the loudspeaker and an RF receiver and a secondary unit which contains the transmitter of the RF signals. The transmitter is connected to the audio output of any audio devices like hi-fi equipment, TV’s etc. An RCA plug is normally used to achieve this. The receiver is positioned where the listener wants the sound to be, giving the listener the freedom to move the wireless speakers around without the need of using cables. The receiver unit normally contains an amplifier to amplify the audio signal to the loudspeaker and it needs to be powered by batteries or an electrical outlet.

The frequency range that is used by wireless speakers is normally the same range that is used by cordless telephones which is about 900 MHz. The signal can travel through walls and some manufacturers claims that the range in which the signal is transmitted can be up to 300 feet in radius. Most wireless speakers have a tuning knob to change the frequency that is transmitted by the transmitter to overcome possible interference with other wireless devices like cordless telephones or baby monitors.

There are several different types of wireless speakers which are designed for specific needs. There are stereo speakers that can be positioned inside the house and there are wireless speakers designed specifically for outdoor use. These wireless outdoor speakers are equipped with a robust casing and their manufacturers claimed that they are weatherproof.

Wireless speakers receive a lot of critique, because of RF interferences with other equipment like cordless telephones and of the poor sound quality some of the models delivers. Despite of the critique, wireless speakers are still very popular amongst consumers and the number of models available on the market is still growing.

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