List of string quartets by Luigi Boccherini

String quartets composed by Luigi Boccherini, ordered by Opus number from the Boccherini autograph catalog, and by Gérard catalog (1969) number ("G").

List of string quartets by Boccherini

Gérard lists 91 string quartets, the autograph catalog lists 101:
*6 Quartetti, G159-164, Op.2, C minor, B flat, D, E flat, E, C, (1761)
*6 Quartetti, G165-170, Op.8, D, C minor, E flat, G minor, F, A, (c1768)
*6 Quartetti, G171-176, Op.9, C minor, D minor, F, E flat, D, E, (1770)
*6 Quartetti, G177-182, Op.15, D, F, E, F, E flat, C minor, (1772)
*6 Quartettini, G183-188, Op.22, C, D, E, B flat, A minor, C, (1775)
*6 Quartetti, G189-194, Op.24, D, A, E flat, C, C minor, G minor, (1776-8)
*6 Quartettini, G195-200, Op.26, B flat, G minor, E flat, A, F, F minor, (1778)
*6 Quartetti, G201-206, Op.32, E flat, E minor, D, C, G minor, A, (1780)
*6 Quartettini, G207-212, Op.33, E, C, G, B flat, E minor, E flat, (1781)
*Quartetto, G213, Op.39, A, (1787)
*2 Quartetti, G214-215, Op.41, C minor, C, (1788)
*2 Quartettini, G216-217, Op.42, A, C, (1789)
*2 Quartettini, G218-219, Op.43, A, A, (1790)
*6 Quartettini, G220-225, Op.44, B flat, E minor, F, G ('La tiranna'), D, E flat, (1792)
*6 Quartettini, G226-231, Op.48, F, A, B minor, E flat, G, C, (1794)
*4 Quartetti, G232-235, Op.52, C, D, G, F minor, (1795)
*6 Quartettini, Op.53, (1796)
*6 Quartetti, G236-241, Op.40, E flat, D, C, A, C, E flat, (1798)
*6 Quartetti, G242-247, Op.58, C, E flat, B flat, B minor, D, E flat, (1799)
*2 Quartetti, G248-249, Op.64, F, D, (1804)

Grove lists a further 12 string quartets as "doubtful":
* G250–255, 6 quartets, op.54, (1796) arrangements of various chamber works by Boccherini
* G256, 6 quartets, arrangements of string quintets G265–270

References and sources

* [ Grove Music Online] (subscription required)
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* Gérard, Yves: "Thematic, Bibliographical and Critical Catalogue of the Works of Luigi Boccherini" (London, Oxford University Press, 1969, 716p.) ISBN 0-19-711616-7
* Boccherini's autograph catalogue, from Piquot (1851) and Boccherini y Calonje (1879)

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