Around the World (basketball)

Around the world is a basketball variant played by two or more players. It is often played to improve shooting skills. In this game, a series of shots must be made in and around the key, allowing a player to advance to the next position. The first player to make a shot at each position advances until he reaches the end where he wins the match.


Play typically starts at the edge of the key on one side of the basket. If the shot is made, the player advances to the next position mark on the key. When a player has made shots on every position mark, if a player misses a shot they may chance it and shoot again and if they miss they go back to the start or they may elect to stay where they are currently at. They then advance back in the opposite direction just like the way they came and the player who does that first wins the game.After the player has moved around the key, a shot must be made from directly under the basket. After that the player must make a shot from the center of the three point line.

If at any point a shot is missed, a player may 'chance', meaning he gets to take a second shot. If the second shot is made, the player advances as normal. If the player misses the second shot, then the player must go back to the start. If player has made it to the other side of the three point line then he must make it twice. If the player chances then he may go back to the opposite side he started on game.

Once a player completes the entire sequence of shots, that player is deemed the winner.

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