The Dawn and Drew Show

The Dawn and Drew Show
The Dawn and Drew Show
Hosting Dawn Miceli, Drew Domkus
Updates 5 per week
Debut September 23, 2004
Genre Comedy

The Dawn and Drew Show is a podcast starring and produced by a married couple, Dawn Miceli (born in West Allis, Wisconsin) and Drew Domkus (formerly of the Scaterd Few). They just recently celebrated their 7th podcast anniversary. The couple moved back to their farmhouse in Wayne, WI after being robbed and nearly killed in their home in Cocles, Costa Rica. While they regroup and work up a gameplan, Dawn Miceli continues to tour with Rasputina_(band) while Drew tries to learn how to make iPhone apps.

The show is described as "two ex gutter punks fall in love, buy a retired farm in Wisconsin and tell the world their dirty secrets... always profane, rarely profound." Dawn and Drew live with many pets including dogs, a cat, one sugar glider. The couple used to own Echo Books and Chocolate Lounge in Cocles, Costa Rica.


Show format

The shows are spontaneous, although some trends have developed. These often entail Dawn singing, or the signature sign-off "good night, Inkernet."[1] Dawn will often tell a peculiar story; Drew often comments on these stories, getting Dawn sidetracked, at which point Dawn emasculates Drew. Listeners are invited to call their audio comment line at (206) 666-3825 (which, on an alphanumeric touchtone phone, spells the oft-mentioned "MOM-FUCK"), to leave a voice message, and these messages are then played at the end of each show. Family of both hosts have made appearances on the show.

Mevio negotiations

Their show was one of the first to become part of Adam Curry's PodShow network, which at one point carried Dawn and Drew over Sirius Satellite Radio. In September 2008, on show 800, Dawn and Drew revealed that contract renegotiations with Mevio (formerly PodShow) fell through, and were going to be independent. Without warning, Mevio shut off access to their webserver.


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