Arkhangelsk Military District

Arkhangelsk Military District ( _ru. Арха́нгельский вое́нный о́круг) existed from March 26, 1940 to December 15, 1944, and again from February 15, 1946 to June 29, 1951. Command of the district was established from command elements of the 15th Army (Arkhangelsk). During the reorganization on the 1 January 1945 it was re-named as the Belomorsky Military District (White Sea military district).

Included in the Arkhangelsk Military District were territories of Arkhangelsk and Vologda Oblasts and of the Komi ASSR. Headquarters of the military district was located in the city of Arkhangelsk.

Among the reserve formations formed in the Arkhangelsk Military District that served as part of the 'operational army' (on the front lines) during the Second World War were the 28th Army and the 39th Army.

Commanding officers:
*Vladimir Nikolayevich Kurdyumov (26.03.1940 - 04.1940)
*Vladimir Yakovlevich Kachalov (04.1940 - 06.1941)
*Vladimir Zakharovich Romanovsky (06.1941 - 03.1942)
*Trifon Ivanovich Shevaldin (03.1942 - 15.12.1944)
*Ivan Ivanovich Fedyuninsky (15.02.1946 - 1947)
*Vladimir Ivanovich Shcherbakov (1947 - 1949)
*Valerianus Alexandrovich Frolov (1949 - 1951)

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