Manta (comics)

Manta (comics)
Manta, by Dave Cockrum
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Uncanny X-Men #137 (Sep 1980)
Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne
In-story information
Team affiliations Imperial Guard
Abilities Flight, infrared vision, generates flashes of blinding light

Manta is a fictional character in Marvel Comics.


Publication history

Manta first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #137 (September 1980), and was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

The character subsequently appears in Phoenix: The Untold Story #1 (April 1984), Rom Annual #4 (December 1985), Classic X-Men #43 (January 1990), X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #2 (June 1990), Quasar #32-33 (March-April 1992), Starblast #2 (February 1994), Quasar #55 (February 1994), New X-Men #124-126 (May-July 2002), Marvel Universe: The End #5-6 (August-September 2003), JLA/Avengers #1 (September 2003), and Uncanny X-Men #477 (October 2006), and #480 (January 2007), and X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #2-5 (December 2007-March 2008).

Manta appeared as part of the "Imperial Guard" entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #6.

Fictional character biography

Manta is a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. She has fought the X-Men on multiple occasions. First she fought the X-Men in the Shi'ar Empire's attempt to police the Phoenix Force,[volume & issue needed] and later during New X-Men, she fought them under the manipulation of Cassandra Nova. In the latter, Manta seeks out Jean Grey, confident she could defeat Phoenix while armed with psychic armor, but Grey easily bested her in hand-to-hand combat.[volume & issue needed] She was one of the survivors of the battle with Vulcan.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities

Manta possesses the power of flight. Manta's eyes only perceive heat (as in infrared radiation), allowing her to see in the dark. She can generate blinding flashes of white or blue light. Whether these flashes come from her costume or her body (possibly her life-force) is unknown. Her species experiences memory in a manner different from that of most other species.


Several of the members of the Imperial Guard are at least partly based on members of the DC Comics' team Legion of Super-Heroes. Manta is based on LSH member Lightning Lass.[1]

Other versions


At least two alternate versions of Manta have been seen in Exiles. The first was during an approximation of the Dark Phoenix Saga, and the second was in a reality where an evil Silver Surfer had killed everyone in the Imperial Guard save Manta while trying to kill that reality's Galactus.

In other media


  • Manta appears in the X-Men episodes "The Dark Phoenix" and "Fate of the Phoenix." She and the Imperial Guard had to fight the X-Men to determine the fate of Jean Grey after what the Phoenix Force did[vague] to some of the galaxies.


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  • Manta at the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe

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