Canadian provincial electoral districts

Canadian provincial electoral districts

Canadian provincial electoral districts, with the exception of the Province of Ontario, have boundaries that are non- with those of the federal electoral districts. They instead tend to be smaller, ranging from just over half the size of each federal district (Quebec) to a seventh (PEI).

Lists of provincial electoral districts

*List of Alberta provincial electoral districts
*List of British Columbia provincial electoral districts
*List of Manitoba provincial electoral districts
*List of New Brunswick provincial electoral districts
*List of Newfoundland and Labrador provincial electoral districts
*List of Nova Scotia provincial electoral districts
*List of Ontario provincial electoral districts
*List of Prince Edward Island provincial electoral districts
*List of Quebec provincial electoral districts
*List of Saskatchewan provincial electoral districts

Lists of territorial electoral districts

*List of Yukon territorial electoral districts
*List of Northwest Territories territorial electoral districts
*List of Nunavut territorial electoral districts

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