Koré Maïroua

Koré Maïroua

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official_name = Koré Maïroua
other_name =Koremairwa
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subdivision_name1 = Dosso department
subdivision_type2 = District
subdivision_name2 = Doutchi District
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Koré Maïroua often spelled Koremairwa is a village in south-western Niger. It is the located in Doutchi District in the Dosso (department) approximately 65 kilometres north-east of Dosso.

The village is primarily agricultural based; millet farming contributes much to the local economy.

Nearby towns and villages include Koukoki (2.5 nm), Galozi (1.1 nm), Rizia Mayaki (3.6 nm), Banizoumbou (2.0 nm) and Angoa Dambane (3.0 nm).

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* [http://www.maplandia.com/niger/dosso/doutchi/kore-mairoua/ Satellite map at Maplandia.com]
* [http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/features/mapcenter/map.aspx?TextLatitude=15.4165155982842&TextLongitude=37.6003484752711&TextAltitude=7&TextSelectedEntity=9397806&MapStyle=Comprehensive&MapSize=Large&MapStyleSelectedIndex=0&searchText

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