The Case of the Missing Bird Dog

The Case of the Missing Bird Dog is the fortieth book in the Hank the Cowdog series.


Starts off with Hank the Cowdog making a firm point of saying that it is November 1st. He goes onto say that on the ranch he lives on the people have begun separating the cows from their calves. Cutting the cows away from their calves gets the cows to start to mourn and grief, which keeps Hank up most of the night. It is then when Pete the local barncat comes to the gas tank where Hank and his assistant Drover sleep. Pete convinces Drover to start chewing on his left front paw, Pete does the same saying it protects from deadly moonbeams. After Hank realizes that it is all just a trick, he notices that a truck is coming up the road. He and Drover go after it, and learn that Hank's love, the collie Beulah and her English Pointer boyfriend, Plato, are in the back of the truck. Beulah and Plato's owner had come by to borrow something from Slim, Sally May, and High Loper. Meanwhile both Hank and Drover try to make a good impression of Beulah. Once Beulah and Plato are gone, Slim Chance, the ranch hand teases them about their food. After taking a nap Hank finds that Billy has come back and is saying that Plato went missing. Hank jumps up and down at his news, but Beulah says she won't have anything to do with him for being happy that Plato is gone. But Drover acts sorry that Plato is missing and Beulah warms up to him, his makes Hank very mad. Later Hank, Drover, and Slim go off to find Plato. While they are searching out in the country, Slim sings 'Hunting for Bird Dogs' which Hank says is one of his better songs. While out in the country Hank learns that a feral hog is out there somewhere. He later finds the bottom half of Drover, the head and front legs being down a hole. But Hank thinks that the hog has gotten him and cut him in half. Hank then ends up in the middle of a litter of piglets and the mother hog comes back. The hog then goes chasing after Hank. Hank meets the two turkey vultures Junior and Wallace and when they see the hog chasing after Hank they think they're going to get a meal. Hank is separated from Drover and goes running from the hog by himself. While running through the sand hills Hank finds Plato trying to teach the two coyote brothers, Rip and Snort, how to smell out birds. The coyote-brothers however only want to eat him. Hank runs into them and tells them what would they rather have? Bird-Dog or as he calls the hog, Giant-Snout Nosed Quail. It takes some convincing but they go after the hog. The hog however ends up chasing them off. Hank and Plato then returns to find Slim and Drover waiting for them.

Major Characters

*Hank- head of ranch security
*Drover- Hank's assistant
*Beulah- collie
*Plato- English Pointer boyfriend of Beulah
*Slim- man who works on the Ranch
*Momma- large feral hog
*Wallace- turkey vulture
*Junior- turkey vulture son of Wallace
*Rip- coyote
*Snort- coyote brother of Rip


Slim's 'Hunting for Bird Dogs.


*Sheep Dogs
*Bird Hunting

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