Auto recycling

Auto recycling is the business of recycling automobiles for the resale of usable parts and the wholesale of scrap material. Auto recycling differs from auto wrecking in many ways, the biggest being the care and handling of resalable parts. Working parts are carefully removed by qualified technicians then inventoried using computer databases. Most auto recyclers rely on North America wide computer software to inventory parts, this process also allows an individual recycler to access inventories across North America via the internet. Each part is given a specific numerical code using the Hollander Interchange system designed by Hollander, a Solera company.

Auto recyclers take great pride in the image they present to the public. The days of junkyards with heaping stacks of crushed and wrecked vehicles are long gone. Today's recyclers keep very clean and well organized yards and many provide show rooms to display the most prominent parts available. Store fronts are attractive and located in easily accessible industrial areas. Staff are knowledgeable and well versed in both auto parts and the Hollander Interchange allowing for exemplary customer care. Many also operate full service auto repair and/or body shops, employing licensed mechanics, bodymen and technicians. Though these services may be offered at a rate lower than that of dealership shops, the work is on par and staff are trained in the same manner, often at the same institutions as those employed by dealership or service specific shops.

Most Canadian provinces and American states have their own auto recycling associations, there is also a worldwide association, the Automotive Recyclers Association or ARA for short. These governing bodies work to ensure high standards of service and ethical recycling practices are maintained. Recyclers adhere to strict environmental policies and keep in accordance with municipal, state/provincial and federal laws when dealing with hazardous and non hazardous waste disposal, use and resale.

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