Power tool

Power tool

A power tool is a tool powered by an electric motor, a compressed air motor, or a gasoline engine. Power tools are classified as either stationary or portable, where portable means handheld. They are used in industry, in construction, and around the house for cutting, shaping, drilling, sanding, painting, grinding, and polishing. Stationary power tools for metalworking are usually called "machine tools". The term "machine tool" is not usually applied to stationary power tools for woodworking, although such usage is occasionally heard, and in some cases, such as drill presses and bench grinders, the exact same tool is used for both woodworking and metalworking. The lathe is the oldest power tool, being known to the ancient Egyptians (albeit in a hand-powered form). Early industrial revolution-era factories had batteries of power tools driven by belts from overhead shafts. The prime power source was a water wheel or (later) a steam engine. The introduction of the electric motor (and electric distribution networks) in the 1880s made possible the self-powered stationary and portable tools we know today.

Stationary power tools are prized not only for their speed, but for their accuracy. A table saw not only cuts faster than a hand saw, but the cuts are smoother, straighter and more square than even the most skilled man can do with a hand saw. Lathes produce truly round objects that cannot be made in any other way.

An electric motor is the universal choice to power stationary tools. Portable electric tools may be either corded or battery-powered. At present (2007) the limitations of battery life, energy capacity, and cost keep the corded versions on the market. Compressed air is the customary power source for nailers and paint sprayers. A few tools (called "powder-actuated tools") are powered by explosive cartridges. Gasoline-powered tools such as chain saws and weed whackers are made for outdoor use.

Common power tools include the drill, various types of saws, the router, the electric sander, and the lathe.

The term power tool is also used in a more general sense, meaning a technique for greatly simplifying a complex or difficult task.

List of power tools

Power tools include:
*Air compressor
*Band saw
*Belt sander
*Biscuit joiner
*Ceramic tile cutter tile saw
*Circular saw
*Concrete saw
*Cold Metal Cutting Saw
*Diamond blade
*Diamond tools
*Disc sander
*Floor Sander
*Heat gun
*Impact Gun
*Impact wrench
*Miter saw
*Nail gun (Electric and Battery as well as Powder Actuated)
*Needle Scaler
*Powder-actuated tools
*Radial arm saw
*Random orbital sander
*Reciprocating Saw
*Rotary Reciprocating saw
*Rotary tool (such as Dremel)
*Side Grinder
*Sabre Saw
*Steel cut off saw
*Table saw
*Thickness planer
*Wall Chaser
*Wood router

ee also

* Antique tool
* Cutting tool
* Diamond tool
* Garden tool
* Hand tool
* Powder actuated tools
* Metalworking
* Tool
* Woodworking

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