Australia You're Standing In It

"Australia You're Standing In It" was an Australian sketch comedy series produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, first screened in 1983 with a second series made in 1984.


The cast included:
*Rod Quantock
*Steve Blackburn
*Mary Kenneally
*Geoff Brooks
*Sue Ingleton
*Evelyn Krape
*Peter Browne
*Tim Robertson


"Australia You're Standing In It" featured many recurring sketches and characters that parodied well known personalities, pop stars, music videos, television programs and advertisements of the day, or simply sent-up well-known social situations. These included:

* Two pretentious society matrons (Ingleton and Kenneally) and a third (Krape) who could never quite make the grade much to the delight of the other two who mocked her. Catchphrase: "Helloo Daaaahlings!"
* The Dodgy Brothers (Blackburn and Brooks), two badly dressed and dim businessmen who appeared in the low-budget and badly-produced television advertisements selling their dodgy products. Partly a parody of the then ubiquitous advertisements for the Saba furniture warehouse, and other cut-rate advertisements of its ilk.
* "Brainspace", a new-age segment presented by Tim and Debbie (Kenneally and Blackburn), two trendy university students whose convoluted and pretentious talk was a smokescreen for their ignorance. Their main catchphrase was "Amaaazing!"
* Mock advertisements for fictional product "Chunky Custard". Most of these were parodies of familiar contemporary advertisements for real products, mimicking current commercials for such products as Big M or Four'N Twenty Pies. Halfway through the second series Chunky Custard was phased out and replaced by "Hot Yak Fat", which came in a can resembling a beer can. Viewers were exhorted to "crack a Fat today".
* Many parodies of then-popular songs and music videos, including Mary Kenneally as Bonnie Tyler in "Total Eclipse of the Brain".
* Bruce Rump (Brooks), a parody of Bruce Ruxton. Rump always ended his skits with "And that's why we should keep the bloody flag the same, now clear out!"
* Rod Quantock in traditional stand-up routines in which he would address the audience directly. In one episode he attempted to put Victorian viewers to sleep by hypnotizing them with an Australian Football League football.
* "Fair Cops", a parody of Cop Shop.
* The Catalogue Collectors, a pair of scarf-clad Melburnians who lived in a caravan next to Port Phillip Bay and collected catalogues. Catchphrase: "Home is where the front door is."
* "How to cook a Mars Bar", a parody cooking segment where every recipe involved a Mars Bar. Featured such culinary delights as Mars Bar Loaf, Mars Bar Stew and Deep-fried Mars Bars.


* For a short time Tim and Debbie presented "Reel To Real" on the ABC, in which the pair presented old B-movies and proceeded to interrupt, deconstruct, and generally mock them.
* A long-playing record of most of the Tim and Debbie sketches was released under the title "Brainspace, Vol. II".
* The Dodgy Brothers (again portrayed by Blackburn and Brooks) and Bruce Rump (Brooks) were resurrected in the later "Fast Forward".

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