Mason Middle School

Allen C. Mason Intermediate School
Principal Patrice Sulkosky
Assistant Principal Shane Sliva
Location Tacoma, Washington
School type Public
School Mascot Mustang

The Allen C. Mason Intermediate School was the fifth of eleven middle schools built in Tacoma, Washington, thanks to funding from the 1923 bond issue and was named after a local pioneer. Mason was a lawyer, former principal, author of a math textbook, real estate dealer, developer of Tacoma's north end, railroad builder, world traveler, and public benefactor. It is located in the Proctor District, and its student body is an important source of income for many businesses in the area.

The building was originally built for 700 students, but overall enrollment grew so rapidly that portables were needed within a few years. Despite adding space in 1952, six portables, a rented gymnasium and two rented classrooms were needed before class facilities were added in 1964 and 1980.

The school was among the first in Pierce County to become eligible to fly a U.S. Treasury Department flag over the building in May, 1943, qualifying to raise the "School-at-War" flag because 90% of the students regularly purchased war stamps and bonds. In 2001, the original building was demolished and classes were held at the old Truman Middle School site for two years. In 2003 Mason students returned to the original site updated with a new building and a state-of-the-art recreation field. The sandstone arches above the main entrances of the old building were preserved. They now adorn the inside of the building, just inside the two main entrances. The original sandstone blocks that bear the original name of the school were placed above the arched windows of the library on Proctor Street. Wood, railings, French art and other things of historical significance from the old Mason were also preserved and put in the new building.


Important dates in Mason's history

  • 1926 – Opened as Allen C. Mason Intermediate School at 2812 N. Madison St.
  • 1928 – Renamed Allen C. Mason Junior High School
  • 1952 – “Proctor Annex” addition, extended in 1964 and 1980
  • 1988 – Renamed Mason Middle School
  • 2001 – Demolition of Mason
  • 2003 – New Mason opened

Mustang Meetings

Mason students meet twice monthly with a teacher who will help them prepare for student led conferences to be held in May. Students collect work from classes, set goals, and reflect on their academic performance and goals. It is hoped that students will increase ownership of their schooling and improve their learning with Mustang Meetings and student led conferences.


Mason has great state-of-the-art classrooms, with the effect of the 2003 rebuilding. Each classroom now has improved plastic and metal desks and chairs, which are scratch and graffiti resistant. They are also lighter and easier to stack. Every classroom has a TV with a DVD player, VCR and cable TV hookups. The science classrooms have overhead projectors, safety showers and eyewash fountains. Almost all rooms have energy saving motion sensitive lights. If the room is unoccupied for 5 minutes, the lights automatically turn off. The rooms also have extensive fire protection, with at least one smoke detector in each room, a heat detector, and sprinklers. When the sprinklers go off, a message is automatically transmitted to the Proctor Fire Station, which is right down the street. At the front of classrooms are digital clocks with a bi-directional intercom. A traditional clock can also be requested and given to a teacher from the main office. Mason also has a state-of-the-art closed circuit camera security system.

Clubs and Sports

Mason has an extensive list of clubs. Drama, Yearbook, and even Homework all have clubs devoted to each subject. The school also has an ASB committee, elected by students in the 6th and 7th grades. The ASB meets monthly as a senate to discuss activities and expenditures for extracurricular events. Mason is also a part of the Sparx program, an after school fund run by Metro Parks Tacoma. This organization offers after school activity clubs such as Movies, Video Games and "Girl Talk".

Mason Middle School also offers many sports through Tacoma Public School's extramural sports program, Including Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Track and Field, Fastpitch and Baseball.


Mason has a very extensive arts program. The orchestra, run by Michael Banet, has been prestigious as well. They have attended the Washington State TYSA festival before, and have won trophies. The band, run by Karl Ronning, also has its share of awards, and has very high concert attendance. Sadly, though, there is no longer any choir teacher. She died in 2008 to an unknown cause. Without a teacher, and barely enough students interested, Mason was forced to cancel their choir program in 2009.

Mason also has an excellent drama program, run by Robin Strong, who is also an 8th grade LA teacher. They perform a play every winter and spring. The drama program includes a drama club and a drama class. The club is an after school program in which many middle schoolers come and practice.

In 2010, choir returned to Mason Middle School, and its new teacher is Justin Ehli.

School plays:

  • 2004: "Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen" - The story of a crazy group of pirates and a delicate beauty in a comedic style.
  • 2005: "Way's End" - The story of a girl named Lexi, as she travels through a fairy tale and explores her life.
  • 2006: "Romeo & Winifred" - A spoof of Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet", as told through department store clerks.
  • 2007: "Big Bad" - A theatrical trial of the "Big Bad Wolf", from the classic story "The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf".
  • 2008: "Nancy Clue" - A mystery spoof of the Nancy Drew series of books.
  • 2009: "Comic Book Artist" - A hilarious tale about a janitor who has to defeat the evil Dr. Shock Clock.
  • 2010: "Just Like Us" - A story about Two groups of colors that think their views are better than everyone elses.


Mason has a library with a computer lab, over ten thousand books, magazine subscriptions and an overhead projector for theatre projects and classes. There is also a small lounge area with a table, two comfort chairs and a couch. Here students can read as they please. In the northern area of the library, there are about a dozen tables with four wooden chairs on each side.


6th Grade:

  • Ben Storrar, Science
  • Patricia Doughton, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Reading
  • Carol Eckert, Science
  • Kelley Goodman, Reading
  • Dolores Keller, Reading
  • Mary Phibbs, Math
  • Patricia Senner, Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies
  • Dean Linden, Math

7th Grade:

  • Susan Bishop, Social Studies, Language Arts
  • Brian Bream, Math
  • Bernice Bruce, Language Arts
  • Carleen Dolack, Science
  • Judith Jones, Science
  • Suk Ho Lee, Math
  • Justin McCallister, Social Studies
  • Marilyn O' Malley-Hicks, Social Studies (also teaches 8th grade)
  • Carleen Dolack, Science
  • Paul Munizza, Math

8th Grade:

  • Brent Beckstead, Science
  • Catherine Calvary, Social Studies
  • Teri Campbell, Language Arts
  • Sarah Conn, Language Arts and Social Studies
    • Becky Krebs, Math and Algebra
  • Diana Nordlund, Science
  • Robin Strong, Language Arts and Drama (Drama can be taken by 7th and 8th graders)

Other staff and administration:

  • Michael Banet, Orchestra
  • Jackie Deleon, Office Admin
  • Allison Duesterbeck, Security
  • Beth Evans, Librarian
  • Justin Ehli, Choir
  • Al Fern, 6th and 7th grade Counselor
  • Charles Forseth, Physical Education
  • Judy Halstead, French
  • Merle Jamerson, 7th and 8th grade Counselor
  • Caren Roberts, Computers
  • Christine Johnson, Art
  • Greg McDaniel, Physical Education
  • Carol Pruitt, Office and Detention
  • Robbie Rennie, Attendance
  • Karl Ronning, Band
  • Shane Sliva, Assistant Principal
  • Patrice Sulkosky, Principal
  • Kim Swain, Special Education
  • Anne Tumbusch, Spanish
  • Amanda Wilde, Special Education
  • Sharon Kidd, Special Education

Location and communication

3901 North 28th Street

Tacoma, WA 98407

Telephone: (253) 571-7000

Fax: (253) 571-7091

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