List of places in Jerusalem

Jerusalem neighborhoods and settlements


*Bethlehem Road (part of Highway 60 (Israel))
*Hebron Road-King David Street-Bar-Lev Boulevard
*Begin Expressway
*Ben Yehuda Street
*Emek Refaim Street
*Golomb-Herzog-Ben-Zvi Boulevard
*Herzl Boulevard
*Jaffa Road
*King George V Street
*Bezek Road
*Gaza Road
*Keren HaYesod Street
*Yigal Yadin Boulevard
*Derekh Hebron
*Palmach Street


*Har HaMenuchot, Givat Shaul cite book
last = Rosoff
first = David
title = קדושים אשר בארץ "Kedoshim Asher Baarets"
publisher = Otsar Hatorah Institute
date = 2005
pages =
isbn =
*Mount of Olives
*Mount Herzl
*Jerusalem War Cemetery (Mount Scopus)
*Mamilla Cemetery
*Mount Zion Cemetery
*Templer Cemetery
*Givat Ram Cemetery, Sacher Park
*Indian War Cemetery, Talpiot

Ancient tombs

*David's Tomb
*Tomb of Zechariah
*Tombs of the Kings
*Yad Avshalom
*Jason's Tomb
*Tomb of the Sanhedrin
*Tomb of Simeon the Just
*Herod Family Tomb
*Holy Sepulchre
*Mary's Tomb


*Israel Museum
**Shrine of the Book
*Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
*Rockefeller Museum of Archeology
*Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
*L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art
* [ Bloomfield Science Museum]
* [ Natural History Museum]
*Museum of Italian Jewish Art
*Ticho House
*Tower of David
*Jerusalem Tax Museum
*Herzl Museum


*American Colony
* Bank of Israel
* Begin Center
* Chords Bridge
* David's Citadel
* Jerusalem YMCA [ [ Jerusalem International YMCA - Architecture: the building] ]
* Jerusalem War Memorial
* Knesset
* Montefiore Windmill
* Mormon University, Mt. Scopus
* Russian Compound
* Safra Square
* Supreme Court of Israel
* Yad Kennedy
* Yad Vashem


*Alyn Pediatric Rehabilitation Center [ [ Alyn Hospital ] ]
*Augusta Victoria
*Bikur Cholim Hospital [ [ Bikur Cholim Hoispital] ]
*Hadassah hospital (Mount Scopus)
*Hadassah hospital (Ein Kerem)
*Herzog Hospital (Ezrat Nashim) [ [ Herzog Hospital web site] ]
*Kfar Shaul Mental Hospital
*Misgav Ladach (now a Kupat Holim diagnostic center)
*Al-Quds University Hospital (Al-Maqasid)
*Shaare Zedek Medical Center [ [ Shaare zedek Hospital] ]
*St. John Ophthalmic Hospital [ [ The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem ] ]
*St. Joseph Hospital
*French Hospice


* American Colony Hotel
* [ Mount of Olives Hotel]
* King David Hotel
* [ David Citadel Hotel]
* [ Jerusalem Gate Hotel]
* Kings Hotel
* Sheraton Plaza Hotel
* Inbal Hotel
* Jerusalem Pearl Hotel
* Three Arches Hotel
* Mount Zion Hotel
* Ramada Renaissance Hotel
* Little House in Bakah
* Scottish Guesthouse
* Prima Royale hotel
* Prima Palace hotel
* Prima Kings hotel
* Dan Panorama Hotel
* Ramat Rachel Hotel
* Seven Arches Hotel
* The Olive Tree Hotel
* Lev Yerushalayim Hotel

Educational institutions


*Ateret Cohanim
*Beit El Synagogue, for Sephardi students of Kabbalah
*Brisk yeshivas
*Yeshivat HaKotel
*Heichal Hatorah
*Kol Torah Yeshiva
*Lakewood East (Israeli branch of Lakewood yeshiva)
*Mercaz HaRav
*Mirrer Yeshiva
*Nezer Hatorah
*Porat Yosef Yeshiva
*Pressburg Yeshiva
*Sfas Emes Yeshiva
*Shaar Hashamayim Yeshiva, for Ashkenazi students of Kabbalah
*Toldot Yeshurun-Yeshiva for Russian Speakers
*Torah Ore
*Toras Emes (Chabad)
*Yeshivat Chayei Olam
*Conservative Yeshiva

Universities and colleges

*Al-Quds University
*Bezalel School of Art and Design
*Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center
*Hebrew University of Jerusalem
*Jerusalem College of Engineering [ [ The Jerusalem College of Engineering ] ]
*Jerusalem College of Technology [ [ About the Jerusalem College of Technology] ]
*L'Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise
* David Yellin Teachers' College
* Emuna College
* Hadassah School of Medicine
* Hadassah College
* Hebrew Union College

Religious sites

*Mount Zion
*Temple Mount


*Western Wall
*Gravesite of Shimon Hatzaddik
*Gravesite of Shmuel Hanavi


*Beis Aharon Synagogue of Karlin-Stolin
*Beit El Synagogue
*Belz Beis HaMedrash HaGadol
*Great Synagogue, King George Street
*Hurva Synagogue, Old City
*Istanbuli Synagogue
*Menachem Zion Synagogue
*Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai Synagogue
*Ramban Synagogue
*Shomrei HaChomos
*Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue, Old City
*Ari Synagogue, Old City
*Yeshurun Synagogue, King George Street
*Heichal Shlomo Synagogue, King George Street
*Yakar Synagogue, Katamon
*HaTzvi Yisrael Synagogue, Talbieh
*HaNassi Synagogue, Rehavia
*Yad Tamar Synagogue, Rehavia
*Italian Synagogue, Hillel Street
*Israel Goldstein Synagogue, Givat Ram campus, Hebrew University



*Mevakshay Derekh, Shai Agnon Street


*Hebrew Union College, King David Street (Reform)


* Church of All Nations
* Dominus Flevit Church
* Church of Maria Magdalene
* Church of the Holy Sepulchre
* Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
*Dormition Church
*Monastery of the Cross
*Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu
*Ethiopian Church
*Scottish Church
*Church of John the Baptist
*Garden of Gethsemane
*Via Dolorosa
*Mary's Tomb


*Al-Aqsa Mosque
*Dome of the Rock
*Mosque of Omar


*Sakharov Gardens
*Liberty Bell Garden
*Wohl Rose Garden
*Sacher Park
*Independence Park
*Gilo Park
*Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
*Nayot Park
*Sherover Promenade
*Ammunition Hill
*Gan HaVradim
*HaMifletzet Park (Monster Park)
*Ramat Denya Park
*Valley of the Cross

Caves, tunnels and quarries

* Hezekiah Tunnel
* Warren's Shaft
* Zedekiah's Cave

See also

* List of East Jerusalem locations


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