EP by Maximum the Hormone
Released February 14, 2001
Genre Nu metal
Length 23:51
Label Sky
Maximum the Hormone chronology
A.S.A. Crew

Mimi Kajiru

( Phoenix?) is the second EP from Japanese nu metal band Maximum the Hormone. This was the second record and first EP of the band to feature the current lineup.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Force"   4:30
2. "Maximum the Hormone Theme -Men Cutter Kotteri-" (マキシマム ザ ホルモンのテーマ~麺カタこってり Maximum the Hormone Theme - Kata rich noodles) 3:21
3. "Maximum the 21-Seiki" (マキシマム ザ 21世紀 (Maximum the 21st Century)) 3:18
4. "B.B." (BxBx) 3:56
5. "Imin no Buta (Kari)" (移民の豚 (仮) Pig immigrant (temporary)) 3:45
6. "W·H·U"   3:07
7. "Machine-Gun Kuso Boogie" (マシンガン糞ブギ Boogie shit machine gun) 1:54


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