Automated decision support

Automated Decision Support, or ADS, systems are rule-based systems that are able to automatically provide solutions to repetitive management problems (Turban, Leidner, McLean and Wetherbe, 2007). ADSs are very closely related to business informatics and business analytics.

Automated Decision Support systems are based on business rules. These business rules can be created or operated by the business analytics.The business rules can trigger an automatic decision that is part of the business informatics.

ADSs are most useful in situations that require solutions to repetitive management problems mostly using electronically available information.The required knowledge and relevant decision criteria must be very clearly defined and structured. The problem situation at hand must be clear and well understood.

Components to ADSs are also provided by software development companies. The following components are provided:
*Rules engines
*Mathematical and statistical algorithms
*Industry-specific packages
*Enterprise systems
*Workflow applications

(Turban, Leidner, McLean and Wetherbe, 2007)

See also

* Enterprise Decision Management
* Business rules


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