List of The Moment of Truth episodes

The following is a list of episodes of FOX's game show, "The Moment of Truth"

eason 1

Episode 1

The first contestant was former XFL and NFL player Tinker Keck (called "Ty" on this episode). He lost the $25,000 that he had earned when he claimed he had never touched a female personal training client more than was needed. The first episode was the lead out after the highly-rated American Idol, and managed to rate very well itself with 23 million viewers, the highest rating for a premiere so far in 2008. [ [ All the Young Dudes Tune In for 'MOT,' the Hoopla] ]

Following him was marketing manager George Ortuzar, who answered seven questions correctly on the first episode before time ran out.

Episode 2

Marketing manager George Ortuzar continued his questioning on the second show. After truthfully answering no to the question of whether or not he'd ever gambled away one of his children's college funds (his son, who was present, had previously been told by Ortuzar's ex-wife that he had gambled his college fund away), he declared that he felt that he "was a winner" even if he left with nothing. He ended up leaving with $100,000.

Following him was former Miss Ohio and Miss California finalist Christie YoussefFact|date=March 2008, whose game was interrupted on Tier 2 of the pyramid when the show ended.

Episode 3

Christie Youssef returned to finish her game, and she stopped and took home $100,000 at the urging of her relatives.

Following her was Brandon Corria who was eliminated at the end of the show by answering no to the question, "While working as an underwear model, did you ever stuff your underwear?" He expressed shock upon being told that his answer was false. [ [ Episode Recap] ]

Episode 4

The game started with a new contestant, Ray Hernandez. Ray was considered one of the "better" contestants, as he said truthfully that he would not cheat on his wife even if he knew she would never find out. He decided to walk away with $100,000.

Episode 5

Contestant Lauren Cleri admitted to committing adultery and that she believes she is meant to be married to an ex-boyfriend instead of her husband. The latter was a replacement question after Lauren's sister hit the button to keep her from answering the question of whether she'd leave her husband if the same ex-boyfriend (who was present to read this question and the replacement question to her) wanted her back. She won $100,000 and went on to play for $200,000, but lost everything on the question, "Do you think you're a good person?" She answered "Yes," which, according to the polygraph, was revealed to be false. The husband, a New York City cop, already knew about the cheating, and Lauren claims she wants to stay with him, not the ex-boyfriend. [cite web| title=Wife: I did it for the TV money| publisher=New York Post| first=Jeane| last=MacIntosh| coauthors=Buckman, Adam| accessdate=2008-03-14| date=2008-02-27| url=]

This episode was the first episode said to be scrutinized by the producers about airing the episode at all; the host alleged on air that it narrowly made it to broadcast. Narration added in post-production warns viewers of the difficulty of watching the content.

In addition, clips from the episode have been shown on news channels as a behind-the-scenes look into the show.Fact|date=March 2008 In May 2008, Frank Cleri filed for divorce after discovering her continued sexual relations with her ex-boyfriend along with several other men, "sometimes with more than one man at one time" Cleri stated.Fact|date=March 2008

Episode 7

The 7th episode is about a 32-year old carpenter named Michael Greenland. Michael left the show with $100,000 after admitting to dating two of his wife's sisters and sleeping with a friend's wife. His mother was a guest and seemed most shocked when he admitted to making a wax replica of his genitals. His mother was also surprised when he admitted that he had dated more than 25 girls in a month. He told his father that he believed he still loved him in spite of how he had lived his life.

Episode 8

The 8th episode is about Lissette Gonzalez. She lost $100,000 when she was caught lying about having sexual relations to advance her modeling career.

Episode 9

This episode is about Paul Schon, who dropped out after winning $100,000. He admitted to keeping the underwear of women he had sexual relations with, having had sex with over 100 women, and keeping a spreadsheet of every woman he had sexual relations with. He admitted that he did not think he could ever stay faithful to one woman. His last question was if he had ever been paid for sex, and he truthfully answered yes.

The second contestant of the show was interior designer Angela Ciemny. The show ended with the question "Is it sometimes a struggle to stay faithful to your husband?"

Episode 10

This episode is the season finale and continues with Angela Ciemny. Ciemny walked out without any earnings after the 14th question: "For $100,000, would you pose nude in an adult magazine?" Her response was "No," although she later admitted that she would do it for $200, seems as if she does not love her husband

eason 2

Episode 11

The 11th episode is about Curtis Frank, a gold broker from Arizona. He walked out with $100,000 after admitting to watching gay porn for more than a minute, wearing makeup, not being able to pay his mortgage if his mother cut off his allowance, having sex in his family's furniture store, and cheating on his ex-girlfriend while they were dating. An earlier question asked him if he secretly wanted to get back together with her and he answered "yes".

Episode 12

The 12th episode featured contestant Kristina Paolino; she is a 25 year old former flight attendant from Chicago, Illinois. Like previous contestants, Paolino decided to walk out after reluctantly admitting privy, personal feelings and past transgressions such as riding a stolen vehicle and revealing her true feelings about her friend Joseph. She has also admitted her concern over her father's "bad" decisions that he made when Paolino was younger. Paolino only reached the end of the 3rd tier with a total of $100,000.

A recent update on the show revealed that Paolino is still dating her boyfriend, and that the relationship between her and her father is now much stronger.

Episode 13

The 13th episode featured two contestants. First was Aaron Dunbar, a 21-year-old emergency medical technician from Lancaster, California. After admitting he wouldn't give CPR to Osama bin Laden, being ashamed of growing up Mormon, and knowingly falsifying reports, he decided to walk away after completing the 3rd tier with a total of $100,000. After admitting to thinking that fat people are weak, a member of NAAFA asked, "Do fat people repulse you?" as Aaron's sixth question, to which he truthfully answered in the affirmative.

Next was Mary Beth Kraese a 39-year-old volunteer firefighter from South Huntington, New York. After admitting to ignoring pages from the fire house, she gave a false answer when asked if she had lost attraction to her husband. This caused her to leave with nothing.

Episode 14

The 14th episode is about Conjetta Lawellin. After revealing her past about dating women and her unethical choices during her pregnancy, she eventually lost the money when she was asked "Have you ever regretted getting back together with your boyfriend Nick?" She answered "No" and the polygraph machine deemed that as deceptive answer, resulting in her losing the $25,000 she was gambling. She has since taken a second job as a waitress at a caberet to help support her family.

Episode 15

The 15th episode is about real estate investor, Annette (Netty) Nelson. Netty ended up winning the most money so far out of anybody, $200,000.

Since she was the first one to answer 18 questions correctly, viewers can see the difficult types of questions one is expected to answer the more money is at stake. For example, question 18 asked Netty if her mother was terminally ill and she wanted to end her life, would Netty help her do it. She answered no and won the $200,000.

Episode 16

The 16th episode is the season finale and it had Leanne Petrosky. She admitted to using boyfriends for money, and about being embarrassed about the clothes her boyfriend wears. She won $100,000.

eason 3

eason 3 Upcoming Contestants

Russia Hardy, Danella Lucioni, and Anthony Sheon.

Episode 17

This will be the first episode of season three when the show returns during mid-season.


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