List of Andy Panda theatrical cartoons

This is a list of Walter Lantz "Cartunes" featuring Andy Panda. All are entries in Lantz's "Andy Panda" series, except for "Musical Moments from Chopin", a "Musical Miniatures" cartoon, and "Banquet Busters", a "Woody Woodpecker" cartoon.

Directors for each short are noted. Several "Woody Woodpecker" cartoons produced in 1940, 1941, and 1942 carry no director credit; Walter Lantz claims to have directed these shorts himself. Six Andy Panda cartoons ("Life Begins for Andy Panda", "Knock-Knock", "Fish Fry", "Apple Andy", "The Bandmaster", and "Scrappy Birthday") along with "Musical Moments from Chopin" and "Banquet Busters" were released in "The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection."

Released by Universal Pictures


* "Life Begins for Andy Panda" (Alex Lovy)


* "Andy Panda Goes Fishing" (Burt Gillett)
* "100 Pygmies and Andy Panda" (Lovy)
* "Crazy Houes" (Walter Lantz - no onscreen credit
* "Knock Knock" (Lantz) - no onscreen credit


* "Mouse Trappers" (Lovy)
* "Dizzy Kitty" (Lantz) - no onscreen credit


*"Under the Spreading Blacksmith's Shop" (Lovy)
*"Good-Bye Mr. Moth" (Lantz) - no onscreen credit
*"Nutty Pine Cabin" (Lovy)
*"Andy Panda's Victory Garden" (Lovy)
*"Air Raid Warden" (Lovy)


*"Canine Commandos" (Lovy)
*"Meatless Tuesday" (James Culhane)


"(All cartoons directed by James Culhane.)"
*"Fish Fry"
*"The Painter and The Pointer"


*"Crow Crazy" (Dick Lundy)


*"The Poet and the Peasant" (Lundy)
*"Mousie Come Home" (Culhane)
*"Apple Andy" (Lundy)
*"The Wacky Weed" (Lundy)


"(All cartoons directed by Dick Lundy.)"
*"Musical Moments from Chopin" ("Musical Miniature" Cartune, with Woody Woodpecker/Academy Award nominee)
*"The Bandmaster"

Released by United Artists


"(All cartoons directed by Dick Lundy.)"
*"Banquet Busters" (with Woody Woodpecker)
*"Playful Pelican"
*"Dog Tax Dodgers"


* "Scrappy Birthday" (Lundy)


* Tatay, Jack, Komorowski, Thad, Shakarian, Pietro, and Cooke, Jon. " [ The Walter Lantz Cartune Encyclopedia] ". Retrieved February 29, 2008.

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