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company_name = Fifth C
company_type = Incorporated
foundation = 2001
location = Bangalore, Singapore, London
revenue = Confidential
industry = Analytics, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Process Outsourcing
products = Behavioral Analytics, Telecom Analytics, Retail Analytics, CPG Analytics, Data Analytics
homepage = []

Fifth C is a developer and provider of proprietary business analytics solutions and software products for Telecom, Retail, FMCG and Financial Services verticals. [Cite web |url= |title=Fifth C Solutions – About Us |accessdate=2008-04-12]

About Fifth C

Fifth C develops proprietary business analytics solutions for large and medium consumer facing businesses worldwide. These solutions transform the ability of businesses to drive profitability through uncovering deep customer knowledge and translating it to relevant actions. Fifth C accomplishes this through algorithmic [ [ Algorithms for Business, The Economist, September 2007] ] methods that yield outputs such as predictive customer scores of risks, affinity scores for product purchases or identification of customer behavior segments. The competencies of the company span areas of customer acquisition, revenue management, customer attrition and win-back, pricing and demand forecasting. Fifth C is a pioneer in behavioral analytics, which enables identification of consumer behavior through analysis of their purchase transaction data to accomplish behavioral targeting [ [ Esther Dyson: Opinion piece on Behavioral Targeting in the Wall Street Journal, February 2008] ] . The company has engaged with global businesses in Retail, FMCG, Telecom and Financial Services to help step change their business performance through predictive analytics. Fifth C has its headquarters in Bangalore, India and offices in Singapore and London.


Fifth C was founded in 2001 by K. Krishnamohan, an entrepreneur with roots in Silicon Valley technology startups. The company is privately held and has on its board a team of individuals who have demonstrated leadership in successful global businesses.

K. Krishnamohan is the CEO of Fifth C. Prior to founding Fifth C, he co-founded Vuent, an enterprise software company in Sunnyvale, CA backed by Silicon Valley venture capital. Prior to that he was an early team member of startups Rambus (Los Altos, CA) and NexGen (San Jose, CA) both of which had successful listings on the Nasdaq. He started his career with Intel working on the microprocessor architecture of their new generation computing platforms. Krishnamohan graduated with a Masters (Computer Science) from the University of Texas and completed his undergraduate degree in Electronics from BITS, Pilani. He has 4 US patents in computing system algorithms.

David Thomas is a Director of Fifth C. He was the Chairman/CEO of the Procter and Gamble (P&G) company for India and South Asian operations and Vice President of Strategy and New Business, Hair Care for P&G Global.

Vinay Desphande is a Director of Fifth C. He is Foudner/CEO of Encore Software, inventor of the Simputer handheld. Vinay has been recognized as a World Economic Technology Pioneer (2001, 2002) [ [ Dataquest List of Notable Indians in IT] ] . He has an MS (Electrical) from Stanford University.

Jagdish Kini is a Director of Fifth C. He is a veteran of the Indian mobile telecom market and was Executive Director of Airtel, the largest mobile telecom operator in India. Prior to that he was the CEO of Gillette, India and was senior executive of L'Oreal and P&G, India. Jagdish has an AMP from INSEAD, Paris.

Hans Mathews is Chief Scientist of Fifth C and an expert in mathematical modeling. He completed his Ph.D. (Mathematical Sciences) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and has a Bachelors (Philosophy) from the University of Southern California.


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