Sunrise (disambiguation)

__NOTOC__ Sunrise primarily refers to the first appearance of the sun over the horizon in the morning.

Sunrise may also refer to:


* "", a 1927 American film directed by F. W. Murnau and starring Janet Gaynor
* "Sunrise" (magazine)
* "TrackMania Sunrise", a racing game

;Television and radio
* Sky News Sunrise, a morning show on Sky News in the UK
* "Sunrise" (TV program), a morning show on the Seven Network in Australia
* "Sunrise" (New Zealand TV program), a Breakfast News show on TV3 in New Zealand
* Sunrise Radio, an Asian-style AM radio station broadcast in London, England
* Sunrise Radio (Yorkshire), an Asian-style FM radio station broadcast in Bradford, England

* "Sunrise" (album), a 1999 compact disc compilation by Elvis Presley
* "(Reach Up for the) Sunrise", a single from the 2004 Duran Duran album "Astronaut"
* Sunrise (Caroline song), a 2006 single by Caroline
* Sunrise (Norah Jones song), a single from the 2004 Norah Jones album "Feels like Home"
* "Sunrise", a single from the 2003 Simply Red album "Home"
* "Sunrise", a song from the 1970s by a Japanese band named Spectrum; parts of the song were re-recorded as instrumentals for Stan Hansen's theme song in All Japan Pro Wrestling
* "Sunrise", a single from the 2004 Puffy AmiYumi album "59"
* "Sunrise", a single from the 2005 Angel City album "Love Me Right"
*"Sunrise / The Trees", a song by British pop band Pulp
* "Sunrise", a song from the 1967 The Who album "The Who Sell Out"


;United States
* Sunrise, Alaska, a census-designated place in Kenai Peninsula Borough
* Sunrise, Florida, a city in Broward County
* Sunrise (Mount Rainier), a visitor center and lodge in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
* Sunrise Beach, Missouri, a village in Camden County and Morgan County
* Sunrise Beach Village, Texas, a city in Llano County
* Sunrise Manor, Nevada, a census-designated place in Clark County
* Sunrise Park Resort, a ski resort in eastern Arizona
* Sunrise River, a river in Minnesota
* Sunrise Township, Minnesota, a township in Chisago County

hopping centers and malls named Sunrise

;United States
* Sunrise Mall (Citrus Heights, California)
* Westfield Sunrise, previously Sunrise Mall, in Massapequa, New York
* Sunrise Mall (Corpus Christi, Texas)


* Sunrise (company), a Japanese animation company
* Sunrise Senior Living, a retirement home company


* Sunrise (browser), a WebKit-based browser

ee also

* Tequila Sunrise (cocktail)
* Daybreak (disambiguation)
* Sundown
* Sunset (disambiguation)
* Twilight
* Sunrise service

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