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channel = Sky1
first_aired = 11 May 2008
last_aired = present
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num_episodes = 15
country = UK
producer = Shine Limited
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"Gladiators" is a British television series which is currently airing on Sky1. It was filmed in Shepperton and is produced by Shine Limited. For the first series, the show was hosted by Ian Wright and Kirsty Gallacher, however on 29 August 2008, it was announced that Kirsty quit the show by mutual decision. [ [ Kirsty Gallacher Quits] ] It is a revival of the earlier series of the same name and is based on the American version of the show which itself along with the Australian version of the show were both revived in 2008. The winners of the show will each earn £50,000.

John Anderson, who was the referee in the original series, has returned for the new series while commentary on the events is provided by Alan Parry.

Changes From Original Series

The show features a lineup of entirely new Gladiators with brand new costumes. Only Panther shares a name with a Gladiator from the original UK series although several share names with those from international series.The show has undergone many changes, mainly the new music and changes to the events. Whereas the original show featured five events and the Eliminator, the new series only features four. This is due to Sky1's greater advertising requirements, and contestant interviews prior to each of the events starting.
Each show of the new series consists of four rotating events and the final event, Eliminator.


The limitations of the new gladiators arena meant that there was only room for 8 events, 7 events from the original series: Duel, Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Hit & Run, Powerball, Pyramid and The Wall. Only 1 new event Earthquake which originated in the 2008 American revival was included. Notable changes from the original series include Hang Tough, Duel and Hit & Run now being played over water whilst Eliminator now features a swimming section and a climb to the top of the Pyramid.


All the music to the new series was specially composed by British composer Paul Farrer also known for his music for The Weakest Link and Dancing on Ice. Other artists' music has been used in certain events. These include:
*"Another One Bites The Dust", performed by Queen
*"Slam", performed by Pendulum
*"...Baby One More Time", performed by Britney Spears
*"Hysteria", performed by Muse
*"Tubthumping", performed by Chumbawamba
*"Take My Breath Away", performed by Berlin
*"SexyBack", performed by Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland
*"Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye", performed by Bananarama
*"Shine", performed by Take That

The Gladiators


**Cyclone was a series one reserve who then stepped in as a temporary replacement for Enigma who was injured during Gauntlet in the Quarter Finals.


Green = Active Gladiator
Red = Inactive Gladiator

The Events


eries One

Male Winner: Simon Wray
Female Winner: Anna Miller

eries Two

On 29 August 2008 it was officially announced that Sky have picked up the show for a second series. New events and new Gladiators will be added to the show, as well as a new female co-host. Original series Gladiator Wolf will also return as a coach to the Gladiators. Advertisements for the Sky1 revamp in publications such as Heat list January 2009 as the start date for series two.

There will also be five special episodes aired throughout 2009 consisting of an Olympic special, a Champions special, an Armed Forces special, a second Celebrity special and another Legends special. [ [ GLADIATORS: WOLF ROARS AGAIN] ]


It was announced that there were many injuries involved in making the new Sky 1 Revival of GladiatorsFact|date=August 2008. At least one contestant has had to withdraw from the opening episode, according to MediaGuardian, while one of the Gladiators is said to have slipped on a bridge and had to leave the setFact|date=August 2008. Another Gladiator had a stomach bug and Enigma has suffered from an injured ankle. In addition, Enigma was involved in an incident on Gauntlet where a contender kicked a ram rod into her face, resulting in a confrontation and the contender being disqualified. Contestants have also suffered injuries including a broken toe, a damaged knee, a neck injury, as well as one contestant suffering a broken arm in the quarter finals. Sky 1 has said that health and safety is their number one issue, and want to minimise the injuries, but point out that; "This is Gladiators - a tough physical show for athletes. It's not Family Fortunes!" [ [ Gladiators return hit by injuries] ]

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