Rogan is a surname. It may refer to:

* Anton Rogan, Irish soccer player
* Barney Rogan, American film editor
* Beth Rogan, (1935-), British film actor
* Bullet Rogan (1893-1967), American baseball player
* Dennis Rogan, Baron Rogan, Irish politician
* Ian Rogan, a name by which British comic writer and editor Steve MacManus is sometimes credited
* James E. Rogan, American politician from California
* Joe Rogan, American comedian
* John Rogan (1868-1905), American in Tennessee who grew to a height of more than 8'
* John Rogan (actor), British film and television actor
* Johnny Rogan, Irish/English author, particularly known for biographies of rock musicians
* John P. Rogan, 19th century American archaeologist
* Markus Rogan, Austrian swimmer
* Seth Rogan, a misspelling of Seth Rogen, Canadian writer and comedian
* Thomas Rogan, a fictional character in The House of the Dead (arcade game)

People with Rogan as a given name:
* Rogan LaBier, American financial services executive and author
* Rogan Whitenails, British poet

; Places
* Rogans Hill, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney, Australia
* Rogan's Seat, a hill in the North Yorkshire dales of England

ee also

* Rogan Gosh (comics)
* Rogan josh, a type of curry
* Stein Rogan + Partners advertising agency

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