List of James Bond Jr. characters

List of James Bond Jr. characters

Main characters

The various inhabitants of Warfield Academy, comprising James Bond Jr., his friends, Trevor Noseworthy and the two featured members of teaching staff, act as the series regulars, and all appear in almost every episode of the series. Sometimes only two or three of James's friends will accompany him on an adventure, leaving the others behind at Warfield to create a B-plot which normally revolves around Trevor's misguided attempts to get James into trouble.

* James Bond Jr. - the series hero and possibly James Bond's nephew. He attends Warfield Academy and has lots of friends there who aid him in his missions. Romance is occasionally hinted at between Bond and Tracy Milbanks.
* Horace 'I.Q.' Boothroyd III - a scientific genius and one of James' best friends. Very intelligent, quick-witted and highly logical, he is responsible for developing and building the many artifacts and gadgets that help James defeat agents of S.C.U.M. and save the day. The series depicts him as the grandson of Q (James Bond's gadget inventor played by Desmond Llewelyn in most of the James Bond movies). He's mistakenly called Ike in the Italian edition.
* Tracy Milbanks - daughter of the Academy headmaster Bradford Milbanks and one of James Bond Jr's closest friends. She regularly accompanies James on his missions and, despite being bossy and quick-tempered, sometimes betrays her feelings for him.
* Gordon "Gordo" Leiter - tanned, blonde, athletic and the "strong fist" of the group, Californian Gordo is also kindly and amiable. Possibly the son of 007's CIA associate Felix Leiter, Gordon never backs down when his comrades need a little muscle to solve their problems.
* Phoebe Farragut - Tracy's best friend and the daughter of a rich businessman, Phoebe makes no secret of her crush on James, although the feelings are never reciprocated. Having a nerdish appearance complete with thick glasses and odd hairstyle, she is portrayed as less confident and popular than others in the group.
* Trevor Noseworthy IV - the antagonist of Warfield Academy. He comes from a wealthy family, thus he has an inflated sense of superiority and self-importance. Arrogant, egocentric and spiteful, but also cowardly and fearful, he regularly concocts outlandish plans to "unmask" Bond Jr. in order to get him into trouble and expelled form Warfield, which inevitably backfire with unpleasant consequences for Trevor.
* Bradford Milbanks - an ex-Royal Air Force officer who now presides over Warfield Academy and is Tracy's father. Although serious and rigid at times, at heart he is a fair and accommodating headteacher and father.
* Burton "Buddy" Mitchell - this former FBI agent and associate of 007's is the sports coach of the Academy. Strong and intelligent, Coach Mitchell often knows more about James Bond Jr's activities than he lets on to his colleagues, and often risks his job by allowing James to get into danger.


There were numerous villains in the series, most of whom worked for SCUM and made recurring appearances throughout the 65-episode run. Many characters looked nothing like their movie counterparts; for example, Dr No resembles a green-skinned, long-haired mutant. All recurring villains in the show are listed here, although some episodes (such as "Sandblast" featuring Egyptian megalomaniac Pharaoh Fearo) featured 'one-off' villains whose characteristics were too specific to the episode in question for them to be reused.

* Scumlord - the mysterious leader of S.C.U.M., rarely seen outside the shadows. He is believed by some fans to be none other than Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He often relays commands to other S.C.U.M. villains via telescreen. He has a dog, named Scuzzball, who is often seen at his heel. Key appearances include "The Beginning", "Avalanche Run", "Barbella's Big Attraction" and "The Thing in the Ice" though he commonly makes cameo appearances in episodes such as "Mindfield", "Invaders from S.C.U.M.", "Catching the Wave", "Danger Train" and "Northern Lights".
* Jaws - a dimwitted villain whose trademark is his steel jaw and teeth that destroy almost anything he chews up. He usually acts as a henchman for higher-ranking S.C.U.M. agents and is often paired with Nick-Nack. Appearances include "The Beginning", "Plunder Down Under", "Valley of the Hungry Dunes," "Never Give a Villain a Fair Shake", "No Such Loch", "The Inhuman Race", "Fountain of Terror", "Ship of Terror", "Queen's Ransom", "Avalanche Run", "Barbella's Big Attraction", "Invaders from S.C.U.M.", "Ol' Man River", "Catching the Wave", "S.C.U.M. on the Water", "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", "Sherlock IQ", "Quantum Diamonds", "Rubies Aren't Forever", "The Thing in the Ice", "Monument to S.C.U.M." and "Northern Lights".
* Nick-Nack - a particularly small henchman, often the butt of "short jokes" from both James Bond Jr and his villainous "other half", Jaws, with whom he is almost always coupled in S.C.U.M.'s various schemes. Appearances include "Valley of the Hungry Dunes", "Cruise to Oblivion", "The Inhuman Race", "Queen's Ransom", "Avalanche Run", "Barbella's Big Attraction", "Invaders from S.C.U.M.", "Ol' Man River", "Sherlock IQ", "The Thing in the Ice", "Goldie Finger at the End of the Rainbow", "Monument to S.C.U.M." and "Northern Lights".
* Dr. Derange - a mad scientist with a strong French accent and an insane passion for every kind of radioactive materials, especially plutonium. He is by far the most frequently appearing villain in the series, clocking up at least sixteen episodes. He also features in nearly all of the spin-off material, suggesting he is also popular with fans. Appearances include "The Eiffel Missile", "A Race Against Disaster", "The Inhuman Race", "It's All in the Timing", "Fountain of Terror", "Deadly Recall", "Red Star One", "Invaders from S.C.U.M.", "A Deranged Mind", "The Last of the Tooboos", "The Emerald Key", "Canine Caper", "Weather or Not", "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", "Quantum Diamonds" and "Monument to S.C.U.M".
* Skullcap - a top-ranking S.C.U.M. assassin, almost always found working for Dr. Derange. The top of his head has a massive steel lid encasing his upper skull and brain, thus giving his name. He is extremely cold and insidious though not particularly cunning. Appearances include "The Eiffel Missile", "The Inhuman Race", "It's All in the Timing", "The Last of the Tooboos", "The Emerald Key", "Weather or Not", "Canine Caper" and "Thor's Thunder".
* Goldfinger - one of Bond Jr.'s cleverest and most manipulative villains; whenever there's gold, there's Goldfinger. His schemes are motivated entirely by greed, and he is most often assisted by henchman Odd Job. Appearances include "Earth Cracker", "Cruise to Oblivion", "Goldie's Gold Scam" and "Killer Asteroid".
* Goldie Finger - Goldfinger's spoiled and equally crooked daughter, who shares her father's love of gold and his ruthlessness in attempting to get it. Though occasionally teaming up with 'Daddy', she tends to prefer working with Barbella. Appearances include "City of Gold," "Going for the Gold," "Goldie's Gold Scam" and "Goldie Finger at the End of the Rainbow".
* Odd Job - much like Jaws and Nick-Nack, this guy is mostly seen working for the other villains, especially Goldfinger. He sports odd-looking jumpsuits (hence his name), a huge chain necklace bearing his OJ initials and flying goggles. His trademark razor-sharp hat is back, too, (it is now a miniature top hat instead of a bowler hat) and although originally he didn't speak (as in Goldfinger) he mysteriously began to rarely do so later in the series. Appearances include "Earth Cracker", "Cruise to Oblivion", "Far Out West", "A Deranged Mind", "Goldie's Gold Scam", "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", "Killer Asteroid" and "Garden of Evil".
* Barbella - a hot-tempered female bodybuilder, Barbella often exhibits superhuman strength. Cunning and cold, she has loyalty for no-one, least of all S.C.U.M., whom she betrays in one episode by attempting to destroy their international headquarters. She often works with Goldie Finger. Appearances include "City of Gold," "Barbella's Big Attraction," "Going for the Gold", "A Deranged Mind" and "Goldie Finger at the End of the Rainbow".
* Doctor No - one of Bond Jr.'s most fiendish opponents, this version differs a lot from the original Dr Julius No: he has now green skin (presumably because he once fell in a toxic waste tank in the Bond movie) and cybernetic hands. His accent, costume and moustache are Asian-looking and many of his schemes involve ninjas, samurai swords and the like. Appearances include "A Chilling Affair", "Valley of the Hungry Dunes", "Appointment in Macau", "The Sword of Power", "Far Out West", "Garden of Evil" and "No Time to Lose".
* Spoiler - a gravel-voiced S.C.U.M. agent who leads a band of savage, chain-wielding motorcyclists, allowing quick getaways from crime scenes. He has worked for various agents including Baron von Skarin, Dr. Derange and Doctor No. Appearances include "Scottish Mist," "No Time to Lose" and "Monument to S.C.U.M."
* Walker D. Plank - a stereotypical brigand, complete with hook hand, eyepatch, wooden leg and a talking parrot (that also has an eyepatch and a peg-leg). His schemes are invariably nautical and typically involve pillage, plunder, and domination of all the oceans in the world. Jaws often works for him. Appearances include "Plunder Down Under", "Nothing to Play With", "Never Give a Villain a Fair Shake", "No Such Loch", "Ship of Terror", "Queen's Ransom", "S.C.U.M. on the Water", "Ol' Man River", "Danger Train" and "Thor's Thunder".
* Baron Von Skarin - this wealthy Bavarian baron is also an international terrorist and firearms smuggler. Von Skarin is cold and cruel but never neglects his elegant appearance, as he's usually seen wearing expensive fur coats and a monocle on his right eye. He is often seen reporting directly to Scumlord and is apparently one of his more favoured agents. He is one of the less popular (and liked by fans) villains. Appearances include "Live and Let's Dance", "Dance of the Toreadors", "Scottish Mist", "Catching the Wave", "Sherlock IQ", "Rubies Aren't Forever" and "Northern Lights".
* Ms. Fortune - a wealthy criminal aristocrat, Ms. Fortune's healthy bank balance never prevents her from pursuing further riches, typically through highly illegitimate means. Appearances include "Fountain of Terror", "Mindfield", "The Heartbreak Caper", "There But For Ms. Fortune" and "Danger Train" and in one scene during Scumlord's meeting in "Barbella's Big Attraction" where she plays a silent, non-speaking role.
* Snuffer - Ms. Fortune's crooked and deeply unpleasant butler and accomplice. Though Snuffer may look and sound like a butler, his ambitions are not nearly so humble and he enjoys devising particularly grisly ends for Bond and his friends. Ends every sentence with 'ma'am'. Appearances include "Fountain of Terror", "Mindfield", "The Heartbreak Caper", "There But For Ms. Fortune" and "Danger Train".
* The Chameleon - this dangerous criminal has the ability to be a facial shapeshifter because of nano-technologic mechanisms implanted under the skin on his face, which control his facial muscles allowing him to change his appearance almost instantly. Cunning and sly, he is a villain to be feared, thus giving him the name. Appearances include "The Chameleon," "Red Star One" and "The Art of Evil".
* Tiara Hotstones - this jewel-loving mercenary shares somewhat of a rapport with James Bond Jr., and, despite being ruthless in achieving her aims, is inclined to pursue only jewels and money rather than power or world domination. Appearances include "Dance of the Toreadors", "Rubies Aren't Forever" and "Dutch Treat".
* Maximillion Cortex - a diminutive villain with a very large brain - hence the name. Cortex is very wealthy but is always looking for ways to increase his bank balance further, and they're rarely legitimate. Appearances include "Lamp of Darkness" and "Leonardo da Vinci's Vault".
* Leftbrain and Rightbrain - Cortex's assistants; a pair of overweight halfwits whose size and intelligence counter those of their boss. While similar in appearance and completely inseparable, they are not actually related. Appearances include "Lamp of Darkness" and "Leonardo da Vinci's Vault".
* The Worm - the only recurring villain in the series apparently not to have been associated with S.C.U.M., The Worm is a first-rate terrorist and hypochondriac with an intense dislike of sunlight, thus his plans often take place deep underground. Appearances include "A Worm in the Apple" and "Pompeii and Circumstance".

Bond Girls

In most episodes James Bond Jr. encounters 'guest' women, whom he's often forced to rescue. Following in the 007 tradition, many of their names are based on puns or double entendres. Some of the more notable include:
*Lotta Dinaro - Daughter of an archaeologist in search of El Dorado; they are both kidknapped by Oddjob and Goldfinger. From the episode "Earthcracker"
*Lt Shelley Kaysing - a US army lieutenant whom the Chameleon attempts to assassinate in order to further his plan to steal a secret army device. From the episode "The Chameleon".
*Marcie Beaucoup - A French spy who encounters James Bond Jr. on a hovercraft. She and Bond are captured by Dr. Derange and Skullcap and must escape from the Eiffel Tower before a missile is launched, killing them both. From the episode "The Eiffel Missile".
*Terri Firma - the daughter of a leading seismologist who is forced to work for Walker D. Plank and Jaws when her father is kidnapped. From the episode "Never Give a Villain a Fair Shake".
*Hayley Comet - a student at Warfield whose professor father is kidnapped by agents of S.C.U.M. disguised as aliens from outer space (Dr. Derange, Jaws and Nick Nack, after orders from Scumlord who appears via telescreen). From the episode "Invaders from S.C.U.M."
*Wendy Day - a weather forecaster who assists James in preventing Doctor Derange from carrying out his plot to take control of the weather (with Derange's assistance of Skullcap). From the episode "Weather or Not".
*Sgt Victoria Province - a mountie whom James befriends in Toronto; she assists him in curbing Baron von Skarin's plan to cut electrical power to the city (which Skarin does with Jaws and Nick Nack). From the episode "Northern Lights".

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