Kana (disambiguation)

Kana is a system of Japanese writing

Kana is also a Japanese given name, typically to females.

Kana may also refer to:
* Kana (publisher), a French publishing company
* Kana Oyama, a Japanese volleyball player
* Kana Software, a software company
* "Kana Imōto", a Japanese computer game
* Kana River, a river in Murmansk Oblast, Russia
* Kana (genus), a genus of leafhoppers
* Kana (title), a Bulgar hereditary title
* Kana Aibara, Ichiro Tomari's fiancee in "Ordyne"
* A Colombian name for "Piper darienense", from the Kana language

* Kana (Finnish musician), female rapper
* Kana (Japanese musician), female rock/pop artist
* Melina Kana, Greek singer
* Kana Ueda, Japanese singer and seiyū.
* Kana Minami, a character from the anime Minami-ke and Minami-ke Okawari

See also

* Qana, also transliterated "Kana", a Lebanese village
* Cana, a place in Galilee mentioned in the Bible

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