Giang Le-Huy

Giang Le-Huy was born in Saigon, South Vietnam. She left her homeland in 1975 and has lived in various countries and finally settled in South Australia, Australia.

She is employed as a Multicultural Services Program Co-ordinator, managing a team of cultural staff who came from Spain, Afghanistan, Chile, Iran, Iraqi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Germany, Poland, Bosnia, Cambodia, Albania, Russia etc. providing services to refugees and migrants from various parts of the world to settle in Australia. In 1998 Giang created an annual Multicultural Festival to help refugees and migrants maintain their cultures in Australia and speed up their settlement. Holding various qualifications including a Post Graduate in Women’s Studies from the University of Adelaide, Giang is an active advocate for women in various areas including employment, health, recreation and life styles. Giang also provided free advice to refugees and migrants on Australian Migration law between 1992 – 2007. She is a qualified Couple Therapist and also a Justice of the Peace for South Australia. In 2003 Giang was awarded a Centenary Medal by the Governor-General of Australia for services particularly through social and welfare services to refugee communities.

In 2006 Giang received a Rotary International Outstanding Employee Award.

Giang is an actor for Australian films nameley [ Spank] (1998), [ Peaches] (2002) and [ Swing] (2007).

In the Vietnamese literature, Giang appears under the pen name of Hoàng Huy Giang [] . Some of her popular articles are “Tà Áo Bay Bên Trời Quê Đất Khách” [] [] (re the history of the Vietnamese costume “Ao Dai”) and “Trăng Vỡ Trên Đỉnh Hoàng Liên Sơn” ("The moon broken on the summit of Mt Fansipan"). Giang has published 2 Vietnamese poems and novels books entitled “Khi Người Ta Đang Yêu” (1997 – ISBN 0-64-630790-8) and “Màu Tím Pensée” (2004 – ISBN 0-64-643251-6).

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