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Christianity is the religion of 2.5 % of the population of Oman, which are 64 000 persons. 90 Christian congregations exist in Oman.[1] Almost all Christians are from other countries.[2] Most of them are from the Philippines, India or Western countries. [3] At least one St Thomas Christian church is present in Oman. [4] Proselytizing Muslims is forbidden.[5] More than 50 different Christian groups, fellowships, and assemblies are active in the Muscat metropolitan area. [6] The Protestant Church of Oman, the Catholic Diocese of Oman and the al Amana Center (interdenominational Christian) are recognized by the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs.[7] There are Christian schools in Oman.[8] Instruction in Islam is compulsory in public schools. [9]



According to the 2005 census 3001 Catholics live in Oman. Oman belongs to the area of the Apostolic Vicariate of Arabia. 21 Catholic congregations exist in Oman. [10]


0.4 % of the persons in Oman are Protestants.[11] Oman belongs to the area of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.[12] 21 Protestant denominations are present in Oman.[13]


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