Xiuzhen Tu

Xiuzhen Tu (修真圖) or the Chart of the Cultivation of Perfection, is a yet-undated map to the human anatomy explained in the context of Xiuzhen, a method to approach spiritual transcendence. The Xiuzhen Tu is thought to be as old as the "Neijing Tu" (內經圖) or the "Chart of Inner Warp" attributable to the author of Huangdi Neijing, they were traceable to Xiuzhen Shishu [Pregadio (2008), p.767] . There is no consensus to the exact dating of both charts [Kohn (2000), p. 487. cited 1886CE as year of circulation(?) but went no further] but Taoist believe they would be as old as the Huangdi Neijing.

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* [http://www.taoistic.org/wdb/wdbread.php?forumid=3&filename=f_896 Xiuzhen Map 修真圖]
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* [ Xiuzhen Tu History from HK Kam Lan Koon extracted in this article]

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