ASP is a three-letter acronym with numerous meanings in different contexts.


* Analog signal processing, processing electronic signals that represent continuous variables by use of analog circuitry
* Anti-Shock Protection, a protection of an audio compact disc playback, see Electronic skip protection


* Astronomical Society of the Pacific
* Astronaut Support Person, a NASA astronaut responsible for monitoring the status of the Orbiter while it undergoes testing and maintenance


* Average Selling Price
* ASP, Inc., a USA-based manufacturer and supplier of tactical weapons, including batons.
* Associate Safety Professional, one who has passed the BCSP Safety Fundamentals Exam and is on their way to obtaining a CSP (Certified Safety Professional) designation


* ASP (handgun), the name for a custom-designed 9 mm pistol based on the S&W Model 39
* Advanced Sound-ranging Programme, a portable, passive, acoustic sensing system for detecting and locating the source of artillery fire and loud detonations, operated by the Royal Artillery
* A type of extending baton often carried by police forces. ASP is actually a brand that manufactures this type of weapon (The ASP tactical baton), and the brand has come to casually refer to all telescopic batons.
* American Self Protection, a martial art
* Ammunition Supply Point,"ammo dump" storage facility for A&E Class V(W) items.


* Active Server Pages, a web-scripting interface by Microsoft
* Abstract Service Primitive, an entity exchanged between a test system and a system under test (ISO 9646)
* Advanced Simple Profile, an MPEG-4 video codec profile
* Answer set programming, a declarative programming paradigm
* Application service provider, a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network
* Apple System Profiler, Apple Computer's system profiler
* AppleTalk Session Protocol, a session layer protocol used by the AppleTalk suite of protocols
* Association of Service Providers
* Association of Shareware Professionals
* ASPLinux, Russian Fedora Core-based GNU/Linux distribution.
* Attached Support Processor, an IBM mainframe that is attached to another of higher power and that is running Automated Spooling Program, a program that is also called Automated Spooling Package. See MVT.
* ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Switch Processor
* Automated Spooling Program, one of the two early IBM 360/370 mainframe programs for spooling print output and controlling input/output devices. ASP eventually evolved into Job Entry Subsystem 3 (JES3). The other was Houston Automated Spooling Program (HASP) which evolved into JES2.
* Auxiliary Storage Pool, a group of disk drives in the IBM i (aka OS/400) operating system


* American School of Palestine
* Introduction to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology
* Alta Scuola Politecnica, a school of excellence founded by Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino
* Australian Students Prize


* ASP (band), the name of a German Neue Deutsche Härte/Alternative/Gothic band
* All Shall Perish, a deathcore band
* Archaia Studios Press, an American comic publisher
* ASP (film production company), Alain Siritzky Productions, owners of the official "Emmanuelle" movie and TV franchise
* Adult service provider, a provider of sexual services for consenting adults.
* Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator and former executive producer and writer on the television show Gilmore Girls

Medicine and biology

* Amnesic shellfish poisoning
* Adipocyte stimulating peptide
* Agouti signalling peptide
* C3 (complement), a protein in the Complement system


*Airborne Surveillance Platform A prototype or experimental Airborne Early Warning airplane design of India.


* Act of the Scottish Parliament, usually written in the lower case as "asp".


* Association of Surfing Professionals
* American Soccer Pyramid


* Abnormal situation prevention, preventing non-routine plant incidents outside the control of normal process automation systems
* Afro-Shirazi Party
* Albany Student Press
* Alice Springs Airport (IATA airport code)
* Allegany State Park
* Anglo-Saxon Protestant, as part of the acronym WASP
* American School of Paris, an American/International K-12 school located in the suburbs of Paris
* Anti-Smoking Partisans, the anti-smoking lobby
* Appalachia Service Project, a Christian volunteer organization operating in Central Appalachia
* Aspatria railway station, the National Rail code for the train station in the United Kingdom
* Assistant Superintendent of Police, a police rank
* Automatic Savings Plan, to automatically transfer money from one banking account to another for savings or investments.
* Avenal State Prison in California, USA
* Average Selling Price.

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