Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra (album)

Infobox Album
Name = Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra
Type = studio
Artist = Paul Kantner

Released = August, 1983
Recorded = 1983 at the Automatt and The Pen, San Francisco
Genre = Rock
Psychedelic rock
Length = 38:50
Label = RCA Records
Producer = Scott Mathews & Ron Nagle with Paul Kantner
Reviews = *Allmusic rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = "Baron von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun" (1973)
This album = Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra (1983)
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"Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra" is an album by Paul Kantner, and his last solo studio album. The title comes from an unofficial name for San Francisco artists who recorded on various albums in 1970 - 1973, also known as PERRO. The song "Mountain Song" is dedicated "to David C, Jerry G, Graham N, Grace S, David F, Billy K and Mickey H and to one summer when all of our schedules almost didn't conflict." The album collects various Starship/Airplane alumni to front an extended trip musically similar to his then recent, Starship efforts. One track, "Circle of Fire" was recorded originally for the Jefferson Starship album, Winds of Change.


Kantner had intended this record to be a soundtrack to a novel he was writing at the time. [cite album-notes |title=RCA Radio Series Volume 21 |bandname=Paul Kantner |year=1983|format=Vinyl|publisher=RCA |publisherid=DJL1-4857 |location=New York City |mbid=] At the time of the album's release, the novel had not yet been completed, but included with the album was an insert which explained the story. The insert describes a San Francisco band that develops telepathic amplification technology, which attracts the attention of various governments. The group attempts to escape to the safety of the Australian Outback, and joins a self-sufficient settlement of over 1500 people. The US government agents track the band down and attempt to take the technology for use in the Cold War. The telepathic children assist in creating a shield around the settlement that then escapes into space. [cite album-notes |title=Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra |bandname=Paul Kantner |year=1983|format=Vinyl insert|publisher=RCA |publisherid=AFL1-4320 |location=New York City |mbid=] Also included on the album insert were descriptions of what each song meant in the overall story. The full-length novel was later published by Kantner's own company, Little Dragon Press. [cite web |url= |title=Welcome to PERRO - Chapter One From the novel "Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra* by Paul Kantner |accessdate=2008-05-27 |format= |work= ] [cite web |url= |title=Come Fly With Us - The Planet Earth Rock And Roll Preservation Society |accessdate=2008-05-27 |format= |work= ]

Track listing

ide A: America

#"The Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra" (Paul Kantner) – 4:07
#*Piano: Pete Sears
#"(She Is A) Telepath" (Paul Kantner) – 2:51
#*Lead Guitar: Ronnie Montrose
#"Circle of Fire" (Paul Kantner) – 3:47
#*Recorded and Produced by Jefferson Starship and Kevin Beamish - Summer 1982
#*Additional Production by Paul Kantner and by Ron Nagle & Scott Mathews
#*Featuring the Jefferson Starship
#*Saxophones: Scott Mathews
#*Remixing: Ken Kessie
#"Mount Shasta" (Paul Kantner / Grace Slick / Scott Mathews / Ron Nagle) – 2:44
#*Synthesizers: Paul Kantner & Scott Mathews
#*Central Section: "Crowded Village" constructed by Ron Nagle & Scott Mathews
#"Lilith's Song" (Paul Kantner / Grace Slick / Pete Sears) – 6:42
#*Piano: Pete Sears

ide B: Australia...OZ & Beyond

#*"Part I: Esperanto" (Paul Kantner / Grace Slick / Scott Mathews / Ron Nagle) – 1:28
#**Piano / Vocals: Ron Nagle
#**Mandolin / Piano / Organ / Harmonica / Vocals / Bass Drum: Scott Mathews
#*"Part II: Science Friction" (Paul Kantner) – 2:04
#**Piano: Pete Sears
#"The Mountain Song" (Paul Kantner / Jerry Garcia) – 5:02
#*Piano: Grace Slick
#*Sounds: The Durocs
#"Declaration of Independence" (Wolcott Gibbs / Celius Dougherty) – 1:38
#"Underground (the Laboratories)" (Paul Kantner / Grace Slick / Scott Mathews / Ron Nagle / Alexander Kantner) – 2:13
#*Lead Guitar: Paul Kantner
#"The Sky Is No Limit" (Paul Kantner / China Kantner) – 2:51
#*Piano: Grace Slick
#*Saxophone: Scott Mathews
#"Let's Go" (Paul Kantner) – 5:02
*Track listing and credits from original LP


*Paul Kantner - Guitars / Synthesizers / Banjo / Glass Harmonica / Vocals
*Grace Slick - Piano / Vocals
*Jack Casady - Bass
*China Kantner - Vocals
*Alexander Kantner - Vocals
*Craig Chaquico - Lead Guitar
*Pete Sears - Piano
*Aynsley Dunbar - Drums
*Scott Mathews - Guitar / Vocals / Percussion / Pedal Steel Guitar / Linn Drums / Mandolin / Harmonica / Glass Harmonica / Synthesizers / Saxophones / Vocoder
*Ron Nagle - Piano / Vocals
*The Durocs - Sound Effects
*Ronnie Montrose - Lead Guitar on "Telepath"
*Flo & Eddie - Vocals
*Mickey Thomas - Vocals on "Circle of Fire"
*David Freiberg - Synthesizers / Vocals on "Circle of Fire"
*John Blakeley - 2nd Rhythm Guitar on "Let's Go"


*Produced by Scott Matthews & Ron Nagle for Proud Pork Productions
*Directed by Paul Kantner
*Production Coordinator: Pat Ieraci (Maurice) assisted by Vicky Ieraci
*Mixing commanded by Ken Kessie assisted by Maureen Droney
*Engineered by Maureen Droney, Scott Mathews, Ron Nagle, David Frazer, Wayne Lewis, and Steve Fontana
*Recorded at The Automatt in San Francisco
*Additional music and sound effects recorded at The Pen, San Francisco
*Mastered by Jeff Sanders and Lindy Griffin at Kendun Recorders, Burbank
*Art Direction: Jim Welch for Artists & Friends, Inc.
*Illustration: Bud Thon
*Management: Bill Thompson


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