Polet Airlines

Polet Airlines

airline=CJSC "Aircompany "Polet"
ЗАО «Авиакомпания «Полет»| logo=Polet logo.jpg| logo_size=298| IATA=YQ ru icon Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Air Traffic Management Corporation", "Airline Reference", Vol. 1, Russian Federation, 20 February 2007, p. 340]
parent=Anatoly Karpov (100%)
headquarters=Voronezh, Russia
key_people=Anatoly Stepanovich Karpov (General Director)
hubs=Ulyanovsk (cargo)
Voronezh (passenger)
fleet_size=19 (+25 orders)
website= http://www.polet.ru/

ZAO "Polet Airlines" ( _ru. ЗАО «Авиакомпания «Полет») is an airline based in Voronezh, Russia. It operates a worldwide cargo and domestic passenger charter services from Voronezh, as well as regional passenger and cargo services from Sokol. Its main base is Chertovitskoye Airport, Voronezh.cite news | title= Directory: World Airlines | work= Flight International | pages= 64-65 | date= 2007-04-10]


The airline was established and started operations in 1988. In 2002 Polet began serving the agricultural, aeromedical and aerial photography markets. The airline is wholly owned by Anatoly S Karpov (Chief Executive and General Director) and has a 24% holding in Voronezhavia.


As of December 2007 Polet Airlines operates scheduled passenger flights to the following: [ [http://www.polet.ru/RU/schedule.shtml Расписание авиарейсов Москва Воронеж Мюнхен Липецк Ульяновск ] ]

*Belgorod International Airport

*Domodedovo Airport

Saint Petersburg
*Pulkovo Airport

*Sochi International Airport

*Tambov Donskoye Airport

*Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport

*Voronezh International Airport


**Zvartnots International Airport

**Heydar Aliyev International Airport

**Minsk International Airport

**Larnaca International Airport

;Czech Republic
**Ruzyně International Airport

**Munich Airport

**Kostanay Airport

**Antalya Airport
**Atatürk International Airport


The Polet Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft (at April 2007) [ [http://www.aerotransport.org/php/go.php?query=operator&qstring=Polyot+Rossiskaya+aviakompania&where=100774&luck= Aerotransport.org Polet fleet details] ] :

*8 Antonov An-124 (plus 5 on order)
*2 Antonov An-24
*3 Antonov An-30
*6 Saab 2000
*2 Antonov An-2
*On order: 20 Antonov An-148 [ru icon [http://www.ilyushin.org/company/news.html Ilyushin Finance Company] ]

External links

* [http://www.polet.ru/ Polet Airlines]
* [http://www.poletairlines.com/ Polet Cargo Airlines]


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