Duccia Camiciotti

Duccia Camiciotti
Born Italy
Occupation Poet, Writer, Essayist
Nationality Italian

Duccia Camiciotti, Italian poet, writer and essayist.


Studies and early life

Camiciotti's studies were founded in the Classics. She attended Silvio d’Amico Academy of Dramatic Arts (Silvio d’Amico Accademia d’Arte Drammatica) under the guidance of late director Orazio Costa. She graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Urbino, where she attended the school of literary and aesthetic criticism of the late great humanist Carlo Bo. She became a teacher of Aesthetics at the Sharoff-Staniwslawskji Theater Academy in Rome, Italy.

Camiciotti met her late husband, Claudio Battistich, in Florence, Italy, where she was his assistant as Director of the Center for Oriental Studies.

Camiciotti is an Executive Advisor and President of the Camerata dei Poeti, the city of Florence's Chamber of poetry in the tradition of the Florentine Camerata, and on the Board of Advisors of Modigliani of Scandicci.[1][2][3] Her five poetry collections have won cultural prizes.[4] Her work has been reviewed by leading Italian newspapers such as La Nazione, Il Giornale, the Corriere di Firenze, and Poesia.

A resident of Florence, Italy, her poetry has been presented in readings with contemporaries Alda Merini, Maria Luisa Spaziani, and Mario Luzi, and she traveled to Moscow, Russia for cultural literary events with Russian poet Eugene Evtushenko in association with Russia's Minister of Foreign Culture.


Published works

  • Camiciotti, Duccia (2009) (in Italian language). Ultima Onda Anomala (The Last Anomalous Wave). L'Autore Libri. ISBN 9788851718619. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (2009) (in Italian language). Il Quotidiano della Beat Generation (The Beat Generation's Daily). Bastogi Editrice (Foggia). ISBN 9788862731638. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (2008) (in Italian language). Rapsodia (Rhapsody). Gabrieli International. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (2006) (in Italian language). Nostro quotidiano delirio (Our Daily Rapture). L'Autore Libri Firenze. ISBN 9788851710842. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (2003) (in Italian language). Shangrila. Aletti Editore (Roma). 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (2002) (in Italian language). Nelle Braccia di Gea (In the Arms of Gaia). Chegai Editore - Firenze. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (in Italian language). Figurazione. Tacchi Editore (Pisa). 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (in Italian language). Risposta del vento (The Wind's Reply). 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (in Italian language). Sogno ricorrente (Recurring Dream). 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (1999) (in Italian language). Cantico Per Un Paesaggio Del 2000 (Canticle for the Year 2000). Edizioni Il Ramo D'Oro. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (1996) (in Italian language). Eden Perduto (Eden Lost). Edizioni Il Ramo D'Oro. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (1994) (in Italian language). La Conchiglia del Nautilo. P.Chegai. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (1989) (in Italian language). Il Prozio Silas ed altri racconti (Prozio Silas and other stories). Pietro Chegai Editore. 
  • Camiciotti, Duccia (in Italian language). Il tempo di Meg Dombrowskji (with Claudio Battischi). 


  • Slanci e partecipazione (Impulse and Sharing); Bastogi Editors

Periodicals and magazines

  • Pegasus (Art Director, Contributing Editor)
  • Città di Vita (City Life) (Editorial Board)
  • Alla bottega (To the Store)
  • Angeli e Poeti (Angels and Poets)
  • Milano
  • Orizzonti (Horizons) (Rome, Italy)

Awards and honors

  • 2008 Sacravita Poetry Prize[5]
  • 1999 Ibiskos Prize (for Recurring Dream) Turin Book Fair
  • Habere Artem prize ("Sangrila", Aletti publishers)
  • Brunellesco Prize (La Donna Nell'arte)
  • Romena Prize
  • Casentino Prize


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