Republican Party (United States) vice presidential candidates, 2008

This article lists potential candidates for the Republican nomination for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 election. On March 4, 2008, Senator John McCain of Arizona won a majority of pledged delegates for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, and became the presumptive nominee.

McCain held an event with Alaska governor Sarah Palin, revealing her as his vice-presidential running mate on his birthday, August 29, at the Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio, the day after Barack Obama's acceptance speech.cite web |url= |title=McCain settled on VP pick, sources say |accessdate=2008-08-28 |last=Mooney |first=Alexander |coauthors=Bash, Dana; King, John |date=2008-08-28 |work= |publisher=CNN]

election process

Sarah Palin is the GOP choice for Vice President. At a speech in Norfolk, Virginia, McCain told supporters that regional considerations would have less bearing on his decision than the candidate's perceived ability to take over the office of the presidency–and the candidate's "values, principles, philosophy, and priorities." [cite web| last = Bosman| first = Juilie| coauthors = Jeff Zeleny| title = Dems stump hard, McCain talks running mate| publisher = San Francisco Chronicle| date = 2008-02-09| url =| accessdate = ] One factor that McCain had to consider, more so than does his opponent, is age. Should McCain win in 2008, he would (on January 20, 2009) be the oldest person to assume the Presidency in U.S. history at initial ascension to office, being 72 years old. His running-mate would be scrutinized more heavily in general, and will likely be considerably younger.cite web| last = Hillyer| first =Quin| title = Who Wants to Be a Vice President?| publisher = The American Spectator| date = 2008-02-14| url =| accessdate =2008-02-15] Other factors that would contribute to the decision were shoring up the conservative base, choosing someone with executive experience, expertise in domestic policy (to complement McCain's foreign policy focus), and electoral college calculations. Any closely-contested general election will inevitably draw attention to the swing states, with high-value prizes in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. [cite web| last = Cuniff| first = Meghann| title = Portrait of a swing state| publisher = Oregon Daily Emerald| date = 2004-10-04| url =| accessdate =2008-02-15]

McCain had been rumored to be down to the names of Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, Charlie Crist of Florida, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Sarah Palin of Alaska, and Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania. He eventually selected Palin.

Media speculation on John McCain's possible running-mates

After his selection as Presidential Candidate, news sources and political pundits began to speculate on whom McCain would or should choose, based on the candidates' ability to enhance the Republican ticket, personality (ability to work well with McCain), and preparedness for assuming the office of the presidency. The Associated Press reported that McCain had composed a list of 20 or so potential running mates. [ [ McCain Easing Into Role of GOP Leader] ] Over two dozen names had been offered as viable potential running mates by the Kansas City Star,Dead link|date=April 2008 [cite web| title = Who should be McCain's running mate?| publisher = Kansas City Star| date = 2008-02-13| url =| accessdate = 2008-02-14] the Salt Lake Tribune, [cite web| last = Burr| first = Thomas| coauthors = Matt Canham| title = Could dogged devotion earn guv a VP spot?| publisher = Salt Lake Tribune| date = 2008-03-02| url =| accessdate = 2008-03-02] the the New York Sun, [cite web| last = Geraghty| first = Jim| title = McCain Hints Minn. Governor May Be His Running Mate| publisher = The New York Sun| date = 2006-12-06| url =| accessdate =2008-02-15] the Indianapolis Star, [cite web| title = Pence suggested as McCain running mate| work = Associated Press| publisher = Indianapolis Star| date = 2008-02-11| url =| accessdate = 2008-02-15] the Saint Louis Post Dispatch,cite web| last = Mannies| first = Jo| title = Blunt in running as McCain’s running mate?| work = STLtoday| publisher = Saint Louis Post Dispatch| date = 2008-02-12| url =| accessdate =2008-02-15] the Times of India,cite web| title = Jindal can be McCain's running mate?| publisher = The Times of India| date = 2008-02-10| url =| accessdate =2008-02-15] and the Globe and Mail. [cite web| last = Agrell| first = Siri| title = Age and identity politics likely to influence choice of running mate| publisher = CTVGlobeMedia| date = 2008-02-14| url =| accessdate =2008-02-15] This list includes both names that had been mentioned in several sources and some much less likely candidates:

U.S. Senators

* Sam Brownback - Senior U.S. Senator from Kansas, 2008 presidential candidate [cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=Sam Brownback For VP? |url= |work= |publisher=RedState |date= |accessdate=2008-07-18 ]
* Richard Burr - Junior U.S. Senator from North Carolinacite news |first= Liz |last= Halloran |authorlink= |author= |coauthors= |title=McCain Vice President Choice is His Toughest Decision Yet |url= |format= |work= |publisher=U.S. News & World Report |location= |id= |pages= |page= |date=2008-06-27 |accessdate=2008-07-18 |language= |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= ]
* Tom Coburn - Junior U.S. Senator from Oklahoma [cite news |first= Jeremy |last= Lott |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=The case for Vice President Coburn |url= |work= |publisher= Politico |date=2008-04-03 |accessdate=2008-07-18 ]
* Jim DeMint - Junior U.S. Senator from South Carolina [cite news|url=|title=Jim DeMint for vice president?|last=Editorial|date=2008-05-27|publisher=Washington Times|accessdate=2008-08-30]
* Lindsey Graham - Senior U.S. Senator from South Carolina and long time McCain friendcite news |first= Scott |last= Horsley |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=McCain Starts His Search for a Vice President |url= |work= |publisher=NPR |date= 2008-04-02|accessdate=2008-07-18 ]
* Chuck Grassley - Senior U.S. Senator from Iowa [cite web|url=|title=GOP wish list for vice president|last=Hayworth|first=Bret|date=2008-08-27|publisher=Sioux City Journal|accessdate=2008-08-30]
* Lisa Murkowski - Junior U.S. Senator from Alaskacite news|url=|title=Senators say whether they’d agree to be vice president |date=2008-05-12|publisher=The Hill|accessdate=2008-08-30]
* Olympia Snowe - Senior U.S. Senator from Maine [cite news|url=|title=Prentiss Smith: Consider a woman running mate|last=Smith|first=Prentiss|date=2008-08-04|publisher=Shreveport Times|accessdate=2008-08-30]
* John E. Sununu - Junior U.S. Senator from New Hampshire [cite news|url=|title=Vice President Sununu?|last=Negrin|first=Matt|date=2008-05-04|publisher=New Hampshire Union Leader|accessdate=2008-08-30]
* John Thune - Junior U.S. Senator from South Dakota, endorsed McCaincite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |author= |coauthors= |title=The Vice President List |url= |format= |work= |publisher=US News |location= |id= |pages= |page= |date= 2008-06-27|accessdate=2008-07-18 |language= |quote= |archiveurl=
* Joseph Lieberman - Junior U.S. Senator from Connecticut Lieberman is an independent who caucuses with the Democrats. He was the Democratic nominee for vice president in 2000. [cite news|url=|title= Minnesota governor told he isn't McCain's VP pick, sources say|last=Glass|first=Evan|coauthors=Alexander Mooney, Dana Bash and John King|date=2008-08-29|publisher=CNN|accessdate=2008-08-30]

U.S. Representatives

* Marsha Blackburn - U.S. Representative from Tennessee [ [ Could a Jones native become McCain's running mate?] Laurel Leader-Call, by Noah Lee Sanford. August 11, 2008.]
* Roy Blunt - U.S. Representative from Missouri, House Minority WhipFact|date=August 2008
* John Boehner - U.S. Representative from Ohio, House Minority LeaderFact|date=August 2008
* Eric Cantor - U.S. Representative from Virginia [ [ McCain Vets Cantor as Running Mate] Wall Street Journal, by Susan Davis August 5, 2008, p. A6.]
* Shelley Moore Capito - U.S. Representative from West VirginiaFact|date=August 2008
* Duncan Hunter - U.S. Representative from CaliforniaFact|date=August 2008
* Candice Miller - U.S. Representative from MichiganFact|date=August 2008
* Mike Pence - U.S. Representative from IndianaFact|date=August 2008
* Deborah Pryce - U.S. Representative from OhioFact|date=August 2008
* Cathy McMorris Rodgers - U.S. Representative from WashingtonFact|date=August 2008
* Paul Ryan - U.S. Representative from WisconsinFact|date=August 2008
* Heather Wilson - U.S. Representative from New Mexico [ [ Heather Wilson for VP?, New Mexico Independent, by Gwyneth Doland. 6/4/2008.]


* Haley Barbour - Governor of Mississippi
* Matt Blunt - Governor of Missouri
* Charlie Crist - Governor of Floridacite news |first= Michael |last= Cooper |authorlink= |author= |coauthors= |title=McCain Considering Vice President Picks |url= |format= |work= |publisher=The New York Times |location= |id= |pages= |page= |date=2008-04-02 |accessdate=2008-07-18 |language= |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= ]
* Jon Huntsman, Jr. - Governor of Utah
* Sarah Palin - Governor of Alaska [cite web |url= |title=McCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for VP |accessdate=2008-09-05 |last=Kelly|first=Jack |date=2008-06-04 |work= |publisher=RealClearPolitics] Sarah Palin is the GOP Vice-Presidential nominee.
* Tim Pawlenty - Governor of Minnesota and Co-Chair of McCain for President [cite news| last = Pugmire| first = Tim| title = Presidential campaigns raise volume in Minnesota| work = Minnesota Public Radio| date = 2008-01-09| url =| accessdate =2008-01-10]
* Sonny Perdue - Governor of Georgia [ [ Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Sonny Perdue and the race to become vice president] ] [ [ Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Perdue's name being tossed around as potential McCain running mate] ]
* Mark Sanford - Governor of South Carolina [ [ Sanford, McCain appearance fuel VP question] The State (SC) August 18, 2008.]

Former Governors

* Jeb Bush - former Governor of Florida, son of George H. W. Bush, and brother of George W. Bush
* Mike Huckabee - former Governor of Arkansas, 2008 presidential candidate
* Thomas Kean - former Governor of New JerseyFact|date=August 2008
* Frank Keating - former Governor of OklahomaFact|date=August 2008
* Bill Owens - former Governor of ColoradoFact|date=August 2008
* Mitt Romney - former Governor of Massachusetts, 2008 presidential candidate [cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |author= |coauthors= |title=McCain’s No. 2: Who? |url= |format= |work= |publisher=Los Angeles Times |location= |id= |pages= |page= |date=2008-03-22 |accessdate=2008-07-18 |language= |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= ]
* Tom Ridge - former Governor of Pennsylvania and former Homeland Security Secretary
* Tommy Thompson - former Governor of Wisconsin and former Secretary of Health and Human services Fact|date=August 2008
* Christine Todd Whitman - former Governor of New JerseyFact|date=August 2008


* Carly Fiorina - former Hewlett Packard CEO
* Tommy Franks - former U.S. Army General and former Commander of United States Central CommandFact|date=August 2008
* Rudy Giuliani - former Mayor of New York City and friend of McCain's, 2008 presidential candidateFact|date=August 2008
* James L. Jones- former Supreme Commander of NATO and Commandant of U.S. Marine CorpsFact|date=August 2008
* David Petraeus - former Commanding General, Multi-National Force - Iraq; Commander of the United States Central CommandFact|date=August 2008
* Michael S. Steele - former Lieutenant Governor of MarylandFact|date=August 2008
* Meg Whitman - former eBay CEO
* Mike Bloomberg - Mayor of New York CityFact|date=August 2008
* Fred Smith - founder, CEO and President of FedExFact|date=August 2008

Denied interest

* Kay Bailey Hutchison - Senior U.S. Senator from Texas [ [ CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Potential V.P. picks stay mum « - Blogs from ] ]
* Bobby Jindal - Governor of Louisiana [cite news
title = Jindal Closes the 'Window' on Possible VP Nomination
url =
publisher = ABC News
date = August 17, 2008
accessdate = 2008-08-18
* Joseph Lieberman - Junior U.S. Senator from Connecticut, McCain colleague, and 2000 Democratic vice-presidential nominee [cite news
title = Lieberman Dismisses GOP Veep Specluation
url =
publisher = ABC News
date = July 11, 2008
accessdate = 2008-08-01
*Condolezza Rice - U.S. Secretary of StateFact|date=August 2008
*Colin Powell - former United States Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffFact|date=August 2008

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