The timestream is a metaphorical conception of time as a stream, a flowing body of water. This conception has been widely used in mythology and in fiction. This analogy is useful in several ways:

* Streams only flow one way. Time only moves forward.
* Streams flow constantly. Time never stops.
* People can stand in a stream, but will be pulled along by it. People exist within time, but move with it.
* Some physicists and science fiction writers have speculated that time is branching. Streams can also diverge.

In fiction, an alternate continuity is sometimes called an alternate timestream.

Examples of the usage of timestream:

* In DC Comics, the timestream is an invisible current that flows through the DC Universe. It is used as a way for heroes like the Linear Men, and especially Waverider, to travel and correct time fluctuations from time traveling supervillains who seek to alter the correct reality. The timestream was mainly used by Waverider during "Armageddon 2001", Death of Superman, and "Zero Hour" events. The timestream is connected to the Speed Force, so speedsters are able to tap into certain points in it in order to time travel.It is possible Per Degaton, Chronos, Vandal Savage, Hourman, Max Mercury, Savitar and Epoch, has also used the same type of time stream for time travel.

* In the Legacy of Kain game series, the timestream's nature (as to whether or not it can be changed) plays a vital role throughout the story.

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