Type 10 120 mm AA Gun

Infobox Weapon
name=Type 10 120 mm dual-purpose gun

caption=A damaged dual purpose 120 mm gun from a four gun battery on Guam.
type=Anti-aircraft / coastal defense gun
service=1921 to 1945
wars=Second World War
production_date=1921 to 1945
weight=8.5 tons
part_length=5.4 m (45 calibres)
caliber=120 mm
rate=10 to 12 rounds per minute
velocity=825 m/s
range=16,000 m horizontal
8,500 m vertical
max_range=10,000 m vertical
breech=Semi-automatic horizontal sliding wedge
carriage=Fixed pedestal
elevation=-5 to +75 degrees
traverse=360 degrees

The Type 10 was a Japanese 120 mm calibre dual-purpose anti-aircraft and coastal defense gun used during the Second World War. The weapon was originally designed for ship use and was produced in large numbers during 1944. The gun was adapted for land use as a dual-purpose gun.

The gun fired either high explosive or incendiary shrapnel shells that weighed 20.6 kilograms, with a complete round weighing 32.4 kilograms.


* TM-E 30-480, September 1945, "Handbook on Japaneses Military Forces"

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