Cathedral of All Saints

The Cathedral of All Saints is a major historic cathedral in Albany, New York and the Episcopal See of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany and the Episcopal Bishop of Albany. It was the first Cathedral church in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America built expressly as a such, rather than a local parish serving as the church of a bishop, and for that reason, is also called the Pioneer Cathedral. It is a historic building, in the Gothic style of architecture, dedicated in 1888, and still unfinished. It is on several registers of historic properties, and is in the Downtown Albany historic district.


The Cathedral of All Saints was dedicated in 1888."ALBANY'S CATHEDRAL.; TO BE DEDICATED BY BISHOP DOANE ON ALL SAINTS' DAY.", "New York Times", May 22, 1888, Wednesday, found at [ "NY Times Archives"] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] Until that time, smaller Episcopal churches served as seats of the bishop, and the "cathedral idea" -- the concept that a bishops' main church is more than merely a parish church, but the "Mother church" -- had not yet taken hold in the United States. [DeMille, George E., "Pioneer Cathedral", pp. 1-3 (1967).]

Past clergy

William Croswell Doane founded the Cathedral, and was its first chief clergy man. There followed a number of notable bishops and deans of the Cathedral, including some who became national figures.

Current clergy

William Love is the current Episcopal bishop of Albany, and has served at the Cathedral of All Saints as a Dean's Vicar in the 1980s, and since 2007, as its Bishop. [ [ "Albany Episcopalian" newsletter web site, Bishop Love's biography web page] . Accessed February 13, 2008.]

The current dean of the Cathedral is The Very Rev. Marshall Vang, who also serves with retired bishop The Right Rev. David Standish Ball. [ [ Albany Episcopal Disopcese official web page of chruches in Albany] . Accessed February 13, 2008.]


Famous 19th Century architect H. H. Richardson submitted a Romanesque Revival design for the Cathedral, [ [ reference in a book to HH Richardson's design bid] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] but he lost out to then-unknown Gibson's Gothic Revival plan.Fact|date=February 2008

The construction for the Cathedral began in 1888, and it remains unfinished, although its slate roof was recently replaced. [ [ John G. Waite Associates web site] . Accessed February 13, 2008.]

The Cathedral is noted as a tourist destination for its Gothic architecture, and especially for its multi-colored stained glass windows, stone carvings, and 17th Century Belgian Choir stalls. [ [ Palentware web site page on Cathedral of All Saints] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] It is richly furnished. [ [ R Geissler web site] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] "Frank Leslie's Weekly" issued a whole booklet on the Cathedral for tourists of the late 1800s. [Frank Leslie, "The New Albany Cathedral (Cathedral of All Saints-Albany New York)", Frank Leslie's Magazine (1888), found at [ ALisbirs Book web site] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] In 2008, the "Ship of Fools" website gave its highest rating, a "10", for its architecture, preaching, and Anglo-Catholic worship. [ [ "Ship of Fools" website] . Accessed August 12, 2008.]


The Cathedral is famous for its music program, and is affiliated with the American Guild of Organists and the Royal School of Church Music in America. [ [ RSCM American affiliated choirs] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] As an Anglo-catholic or High Church house of worship, the music, choir, and "bells and smells" are an important part of the liturgy. In the late 19th century, Bishop Doane created a boy's choir school (now defunct) and the Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, and penned the words to the hymn, "Albany". [ [ Anglican Hisotry site page on Bishop Doane] . Accessed February 13, 2008.]

The Cathedral is also a concert venue for both secular and religious music. [ [ Marta's web site with sample venues] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] This is due in no small part to its architecture, and has been cited as one of the "Great Acoustic Spaces for Choral Music (in the) U.S. and Canada." [ [ Choral Net web site] . Accessed February 13, 2008.]

One of the practices revived in the Cathedral, from time to time, has been the election of a boy bishop in conjunction with its Medieval Faire. [ [ History of the Boy Bishop web page citing the Cathedral of All Saints] . Accessed February 13, 2008.] [ [ St. Nicholas Center web site, Boy Bishop web page citing the Cathedral of All Saints] . Accessed February 13, 2008.]


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