Sociétaires of the Comédie-Française

The sociétaires of the Comédie-Française are chosen from among the "pensionnaires" who have been in the company a year or more.

They are decided upon in the course of a general assembly of the company's administrative committee, made up of 6 existing sociétaires, the senior sociétaire, and the general administrator. A pensionnaire is thus named a societaire by a decree of the Ministry of Culture, from names put forward by the general administrator of the Comédie-Française. On becoming a sociétaire, an actor automatically becomes a member of the "Société des Comédiens-Français" and receives a share of the profits as well as receiving a number of shares in the société to which he or she is contractually linked.

After his or her retirement, a sociétaire can continue to act, becoming an honorary sociétaire. The senior member of the Comédie-Française is not the oldest sociétaire, but the sociétaire who has been with the company longest (since their entering it as a pensionnaire).

ome Sociétaires of the Comédie-Française

17th century

*Michel Baron (1680)
*Armande Béjart (1680)
*Mademoiselle de Brie (1680)
*Champmeslé (1680)
*Marie Champmeslé (1680)
*Mademoiselle Du Croisy (1680)
*Mademoiselle La Grange (1680)
*Raymond Poisson, known as Belleroche (1680)
*Brécourt (1682)
*Dancourt (1685)
*Jean Quinault (1695)

18th century

*Adrienne Lecouvreur (1717)
*Jeanne Gaussin (1731)
*Mademoiselle Clairon (1743)
*Marie Brillant (1750)
*Lekain (1751)
*Mademoiselle Hus (1753)
*Préville (1753)
*Dalainville (1758)
*François Molé (1761)
*Dugazon (1772)
*Monvel (1772)
*Dazincourt (1778)
*Talma (1789)
*Madame Desgarcins (1789)
*Mademoiselle Fleury (1791)
*Grandmesnil (1792)
*Mademoiselle Lange (1793)
*Mademoiselle Mars (1799)

19th century

*Mademoiselle George (1804)
*Rachel (1842)
*Coquelin aîné (1864)
*Mounet-Sully (1874)
*Sarah Bernhardt (1875)
*Marthe Brandès (1896)

20th century

*Cécile Sorel (1904)
*Gabrielle Colonna-Romano (1913)
*Pierre Fresnay (1924)
*Madeleine Renaud (1928)
*Marie Bell (1928)
*Mary Marquet (1923)
*Fernand Ledoux (1931)
*Pierre Dux (1935)
*Gisèle Casadesus (1938)
*Louis Seigner (1943)
*Jean-Louis Barrault (1943)
*Raimu (1944)
*Jacques Charon (1947)
*Micheline Boudet (1950)
*Jean Davy (1950)
*Robert Hirsch (1952)
*Jean Piat (1953)
*Denise Gence (1958)
*Georges Descrières (1958)
*Jacques Sereys (1959)
*Jean-Paul Roussillon (1960)
*François Chaumette (1960)
*Bernard Dhéran (1961)
*Catherine Samie (1962)col-4
*Michel Aumont (1965)
*René Camoin (1966)
*Michel Duchaussoy (1967)
*Françoise Seigner (1968)
*Paule Noëlle (1969)
*Jean-Luc Boutté (1975)
*Catherine Hiegel (1976)
*Francis Huster (1977)
*Patrice Kerbrat (1977)
*Jean Le Poulain (1981)
*Michel Favory (1988)
*Catherine Sauval (1989)
*Jean-Luc Bideau (1991)
*Philippe Torreton (1994)
*Andrzej Seweryn (1995)
*Michel Robin (1996)
*Éric Ruf (1998)
*Éric Génovèse (1998)
*Bruno Raffaeli (1998)
*Denis Podalydès (2000)
*Coraly Zahonero (2000)
*Florence Viala (2000)

21st century

*Françoise Gillard (2002)
*Alexandre Pavloff (2002)
*Clotilde de Bayser (2004)
*Laurent Stocker (2004)
*Guillaume Gallienne (2005)
*Elsa Lepoivre (2007)
*Laurent Natrella (2007)
*Michel Vuillermoz (2007)

ee also

* Administrators of the Comédie-Française

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