Barium ferrate

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IUPACName = barium ferrate(VI)
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Appearance = maroon
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Barium ferrate is the name generally given to the chemical compound of formula BaFeO4. This compound contains iron in the +6 (VI) oxidation state and is sometimes called barium ferrate(VI). It is isostructural with BaSO4 and contains the tetrahedral FeO42− anion. [ Wells A.F. (1984) "Structural Inorganic Chemistry" 5th edition Oxford Science Publications ISBN 0-19-855370-6 ]

Preparation and chemistry

Barium ferrate (anhydrous) can be prepared by precipitation of insoluble BaFeO4 from a solution containing potassium ferrate and barium chloride. [Preparation and Analysis of Barium Ferrate(VI) J. R. Gump, W. F. Wagner, and J. M. Scheyer Analytical chemistry. (1954), 26, 12, 1957 ; doi|10.1021/ac60096a027] Barium ferrate is an oxidising agent and has been proposed as a oxidising reagent for use in organic syntheses. [Barium Ferrate Monohydrate BaFeO4.H2O, A Versatile Reagent for the Oxidation of Organic Compounds under Aprotic Conditions, H. Firouzabadi D. Mohajer M. Entezari-moghaddam Synthetic Communications, 16, 6 1986 ,723 - 731, doi|10.1080/00397918608057745]


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