Electromagnetic Design System

Electromagnetic Design System (EMDS) is a commercial finite element method solver for electromagnetic structures from EEsof [ [http://eesof.tm.agilent.com/products/emds_main.html EMDS home page] ] . EMDS can perform electromagnetic simulation of arbitrarily-shaped, passive three-dimensional structures.

It is aimed at providing 3D EM simulation to designers working on RF circuits, MMICs, PC boards, modules, and signal integrity applications. It provides a full 3D electromagnetic field solver, a solid modeling GUI, and fully automated meshing and convergence capabilities for modeling arbitrary 3D shapes such as connectors, machined parts, components, bond wires, antennas, and packages.

EMDS is available with integration into Agilent EEsof's Advanced Design System (ADS) [ [http://www.mwee.com/mwee_news/200900057 "EDA platform speeds RF module design, verification", by Ismini Scouras, eeProductCenter] ]


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