George Talbot (entomologist)

George Talbot (1882 - 1952) was an English entomologist who specialised in butterflies.

Talbot was first employed by the wealthy amateur butterfly collector Herbert Adams, then by the insect dealer W.F.M.Rosenberg and then as curator of Joicey's collection at the Hill Museum. He wrote several scientific papers with Joicey.During the First World War he worked with Authur Bacot at the Lister Institute on trench fever and typhus diseases carried by lice. After Joicey's death in 1932 he worked for the British Pest Infestation Division of the Ministry of Health.

George Talbot wrote over 150 papers many of them generic revisions in the "Bulletin of the Hill Museum" and his Fauna of British India volumes. His best known works are his monograph on "Delias" and the three Pieridae parts of "Lepidopterum Catalogus" published by Wilhelm Junk.

elected works

* "A monograph of the pierine genus Delias".The first 5 parts were published by John Bale, Sons & Danielsson; the last part by the British Museum (Natural History. This work has seventy one plates.Fifteen are chromolithographs. John Bale were one of the last (? the last) firm of chromolithographers in London(1928-37).
* Pieridae in "Lepidopterum Catalogus" Junk.Full reference is ?
* "Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma". Taylor and Francis , London.
* Butterflies. Vol. 1. Papilionidae, Pieridae xxix + 600 p 184 fig 1 folding map 3 col. pl. (1939).
* Butterflies. Vol. 2. Danaidae to Acraeidae xv + 506 p 104 figs 2 col. pl. (1947)with James John Joicey
* New Lepidoptera from the Schouten Islands. "Trans. Entomol. Soc. Lond." 64(1): 65-83 pls 3-6 (1916).
* New Heterocera from Dutch New Guinea. "Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist" (8)20: 50-87, pls 1-4 (1917).
* New Lepidoptera from Waigeu, Dutch New Guinea and Biak. "Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist." (8)20: 216-229 (1917)
* New forms of Indo-Australian butterflies. "Bull. Hill Mus." 1(3): 565-569 (1924)
* New forms of Lepidoptera Rhopalocera. "Encycl. Entomol." (B III Lepidoptera)2: 1-14 (1926)
* New forms of Rhopalocera in the Hill Museum. "Bull. Hill Mus." 2(1): 19-27 (1928)


* Remington, C.L., 1953 "Lep. News" 7:24.

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