Circus Insane

Circus Insane is a United Kingdom circus sideshow, ran by and featuring performer Doc Insane, who performs both classic and modern sideshow acts such as fire eating, bed of nails, human blockhead, face in broken glass, and the human dartboard.[1]


Doc Insane is an International Circus Freakshow performer. He appears with his own outfit Circus Insane, as well as sporadically touring with other traditional Circuses.

Officially the Worlds Most Extreme Circus performer.[citation needed] Deemed too extreme for British TV by the BBC. Channel 4. Channel 5. ITV and Sky One. Doc states categorically that "No other Circus performer has been banned by so many TV stations, venues and even Countries".

Doc's appearances have been cancelled from programmes such as 'The Charlotte Church show' 'Paul O'Grady' and 'Guinness World Records'.

In both Cyprus and Barcellona, Doc found himself banned from performing any of his shows.

Doc Insane states on his website that he performs no illusions in his shows. Everything is real, from the blood pouring down his face to the chainsaw being put in an apple held between his teeth.

As well as Doc, The Circus Insane larger shows feature guest artists. aerialists and contortionists from the world of circus.

In 2008 a small UK theatre tour was advertised, however the show was deemed too extreme by venue owners and consequently banned just before the tour was due to start. The line up advertised for that tour featured ex-Sex Pistol and Tenpole Tudor frontman Edward Tudorpole.

The 2010 full Circus show is currently advertised as featuring again Edward Tudorpole and an Extreme Contortion troupe called 'Yekomayeko' from Ghana West Africa.

Alongside the large Circus Insane show, Doc Insane also continues to tour his smaller freakshow round the World, making rare appearances in the UK where many venues refuse to accommodate the show.

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